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WATCH Illegal Alien Advocates Who Ambush Rep. Steve King Get Schooled on Immigration Law

Illegal alien advocates Erika Andiola & Cesar Vargas accosted Representative Steve King at a fundraiser in Iowa, and berated him for pushing a law that would take away their “Dream Act” status. Instead of shrinking away, Rep. King patiently explained his point of view, and why people shouldn’t advocate for lawlessness when that’s a feature of American prosperity that they enjoy, but don’t respect.

Here are some of his greatest hits:

“You came from a lawless country. Do not import lawlessless into this country.”

“Do you want to live in a country that respects the rule of law, or don’tcha?”

“I’m really sorry you came from a lawless country. I hope you have a happy life.”

The stunt was obviously an attempt to get him to say something that might be misconstrued as racist, but he stuck to his guns, and forcefully, but rationally, explained why America will be weakened by lawlessness.

Also, don’t miss out on Senator Rand Paul almost choking on his hamburger when he hears the illegal alien say, “I’m actually a Dreamer..” and run off as quickly as possible. Smart guy!


  • StarTripper

    That was a great example of the Liberal side (emotion) vs. the Conservative side (logic). King wanted to engage in a conversation and the two activists wanted to make speeches and possibly get a damning video clip.

  • Weswieann

    What was the deal with Rand Paul running away? Speaks volume!!!!

  • OutspokenRed

    Excellent, thanks!

  • Hank Stamper

    King was great, Rand Paul was a pussy. I would love to talk to some dreamers face to face.

  • J.Henry MacAlester

    Awesome. Nice and calm. I wish King would have thought to add, to the dreamer “lawyer” who desperately wanted to join the service, how do you take an oath to support and defend the very Constitution that you have no respect for? Rep. King was dead-on excellent in this encounter. Ditto, shame on Paul for the duck and run.

  • gastorgrab

    The American experience differs from a lot of nations of the world which are built around a common race, ethnicity, or culture. France is full of Frenchmen. Germany is full of Germans. Spain is full of Spaniards. That is their ‘tribal identity’. The Democratic Socialists of Europe still even entertain the notion of Royalty even after their royal families have relinquished their thrones. A new ‘social elite’ took simply their place.

    Feudalism and Socialism are both political systems which are based on the rule by elites. Every king, every emperor, and every tyrant, is an example of Central Planning.

    In the United States we identify ourselves by a common law. Our existence is based on the rejection of Aristocracy, the ‘Rule by man’, and we purposely built a political system in which all are subject to the same standard; the ‘Rule of Law’. Wherever you find a part of US law that doesn’t apply to every American the same way you’ll find a member of the Democratic party pleading for “XXX Justice Now!”.

    The very reason that people attempt to “escape” to the United States of America is because the laws in the nations they flee do not apply to every person in the same way. Tyranny is ‘Different Rules for Different People’. Tyranny is class separation.

    There is only one ‘class’ of American.

  • gastorgrab

    A question to ask these “activists” when you encounter them:

    “Have you applied for US residency?” (Have you bothered to ask for the thing you are demanding?)

  • Advice Man

    Anadiola needs to work in her own country of Mexico for fully executed and obeyed laws for herself, her family, Mexico and the U.S. We don’t need illegals to come here and try to change our laws so that they can come here to live.

  • dabbobean

    Ambush repelled!

  • Dick_Gosinya

    Painful fail on so many levels.I’d love to see her pull the “Entitlement” card in Mexico. I’m sure it’d go over well.

  • Terry_Jim

    @StevekingIA was my Congressman before redistricting.
    The left has hated him for years.
    As a State Senator, he sponsored an English-only law for Iowa,
    and won a lawsuit against Democrat Secretaries of State who violated it
    by producing voter registration in other languages
    He has introduced the Official English Act in Congress every session since he was elected.
    Wish we had more like him who take their oath to uphold the law seriously,
    unlike the congressholes who waive the law for their own agendas:
    Miss Anadiola is a former Congressional staffer for Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)
    Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) has also hired illegals.