Social Media Captures a Full Blown Race Riot in Ferguson, Missouri

As we reported earlier, the community in Ferguson, Missouri was outraged after an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by police. Protests reached a crescendo Sunday night that broke into violence, looting, and reports of gun shots. Police responded with tear gas, and have arrested many, but for many hours into the evening, several stores were left to the mercy of opportunistic looters.

Social media caught much of the chaos:




It’s a shame that people feel the need to destroy private property to make a political point – it appears that most who were doing the looting didn’t really care about the issue, but were just base opportunists. But why did it have to get to this point at all?

Part of the reason is a real grievance, but another part is just victim mentality encouraged by race baiting profiteers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. How else do you explain that communities flare up in violence on the rare occasion when a policeman shoots someone, or a “white Hispanic” shoots a black teenager, and not the 490 times per month on average that an African-American person murders another African-American person?

Whatever the cause, there needs to be a solution found, because whatever we’re doing isn’t working.