• BigGator5

    Well, can you blame her? Doing the split screen would have been less rude.

  • bullet2354

    FOX News Director screwed that one up.

  • gvanderleun

    Why split screen at all. The Ferg story will still be drooling on in an hour a day a week a year a decade.

    This just in: ghettorats burn their shit so they can squat in it1

  • Yeah, it was incredibly inappropriate to be showing live video of
    Ferguson while discussing evil terrorists murdering an American. It
    presents a horrible juxtaposition and actually becomes disrespectful to
    both Ferguson and the murdered journalist.

  • Pat Broomell

    Sick of Ferguson. Sick of Obama. Sick of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Danny Davis and all of the useless do nothing congress. Curious how all this takes place on vacation time. This whole government is an embarrassing mess. November cannot come soon enough for me

  • banshee

    Megyn is right.