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Utterly Hypocritical WaPo Apologizes for ‘Fajitas’ Insult to Democrat, Ignores Liberal ‘Chimichanga’ Joke

washington post headline-HYPOCRITE

In an display of abject hypocrisy, the Washington Post apologized Wednesday for a stupid joke made against Obama’s dimwitted HUD Secretary Julian Castro, where some editor wrote, “we’ll need more fajitas” above a short article about him:

fajitas castro joaquin

It’s stupid, not terribly offensive, but worthy of an apology for a professional news organization, which they quickly made. You know what apology we didn’t get? The one from their liberal moron Dana Milbank for this nearly identical joke two years ago:

dana milbank

Another stupid joke, but NO apology. There was even a furor from Latino conservatives to show how liberals can get away with what would be racism from conservatives or anyone else. In fact, the Washington Post let the idiot double down and KEEP MOCKING LATINOS.

In the former case, it’s Obama’s pet politician, so any offense to his precious MUST be addressed immediately! And they did:

“Imagine our dismay Tuesday morning when we opened the paper to read a most offensive subhead atop a Loop item about Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and his staff,” wrote Al Kamen, a columnist and co-author of the article, on Wednesday. “The copy editor who wrote it — a brilliant and supremely reliable colleague who had a bad day — was attempting to evoke the Texas origins of the secretary and his aides. He has apologized.”

Oh they were simply dismayed! Poor little hypocrites! Here’s another quote:

Cameron Barr, national editor for the Washington Post, told the San Antonio Express-News that Al Kamen, the columnist who wrote the article in which the subhead appeared, “apologized directly to Secretary Castro’s spokesperson.”

“We are duly mortified, chagrined and abashed and apologize to our readers,” Kamen wrote.

See how that works? If you’re a liberal and you insult Hispanics, nothing happens, but insult a Hispanic LIBERAL and they’re  mortified and chagrined.

What a bunch of pathetic hypocrites.

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[ed. note: original post had incorrectly named Joaquin Castro instead of twin brother Julian. Two interns were fired for the mistake.]

  • Being Hispanic, I took that to mean that the guy was going to miss Tex-Mex food. He is our former mayor and never hid the fact that he loved Mexican food, especially his mother’s. But then knowing liberals, I’m sure there was some innuendo. Dana Milbank’s was written in naked truth, the way liberals see the Hispanic people. THAT was a slight, and the jerk should have retracted it and apologized. But then he thinks Hispanics are tokens.

  • Yeah I’m not really offended by it, I just think it nakedly displays their hypocrisy. Thanks!

  • Biiiiiiiiiiiig time hypocrites. It’s their schtick 🙂

  • KarmaKiller

    Sick of thes m effers. Disgusting.

  • TxPatriotGal

    Agree that WaPo is majorly hypocritical, but what do we expect from such leftist drivel writing hacks. Btw, Julian is sec. of HUD, not Joaquin. Scary to think that there are two of them. And their mother was a very early and active member of La Raza, so like Obama, they have been steeped in leftist propaganda all of their lives.

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