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Journalist ‘Candy Crowleys’ Scott Brown During Debate

During a debate in the U.S. Senate race for New Hampshire, journalist James Pindell had a great “gotcha moment” against Republican Scott Brown when he caught him not knowing the state’s geography. There’s one problem – Scott Brown was right.

Watch below:

And here’s the journalist apologizing to Scott Brown AND his opponent (duh?):

Way to “Candey Crowley” the guy, there buddy. Is this new scheme pioneered by the CNN host in the 2012 debates going to be used every election from now on? Isn’t it funny that it never happens against Democrats, just Republicans.

Hmmm.. I wonder why that is?

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  • lazybumranch

    What an idiot.

  • Logical Meta

    Would someone please explain why ANY Republican EVER accepts an invitation to any debate hosted by ANY MSM “moderator”? They might as well have the DNC do the scoring afterward for all the “unbiased” attention they receive.