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Racist St. Louis PD Posts Video of Looters That Look Like They Could Be Obama’s Children

As a person of honey beige color I am shocked and offended at the blatant racism of the St. Louis Police Department in this video they released of supposed looters to the public. Ostensibly they say they want the public’s help in identifying criminals, but it’s clear and obvious that they edited out all the white looters and only left in the black looters!

Watch below this scurrilous piece of video racism!

Who did they get to edit the video?! Hitler and David Duke’s lovechild?! To make things even worse, they actually posted a ton of pictures of African-American looters from the Ferguson protests, and they obviously discarded pictures of all the Asian looters, all the Hispanic looters, all the lily white Caucasian looters, and Native Americans and everyone else! They want you to believe that only African-Americans looted in Ferguson!

For shame, police department! This is exactly why nobody likes you!

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Oh sure, African-Americans make up about 11% of the U.S. population but the cops wants us to believe that 100% of the looters are African-American?!?!? How convenient!!

[If you don’t get it, and before you freak out and curse at me in the comments, realize that this entire article was a huge sarcastic joke.]

Liberals Are in Meltdown Mode Over a Former NYPD Officer’s Tweet to Black Brunch Protesters

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  • Paula

    It’s a shame that people feel they must qualify what they say. We, on the Right, apologize before we say anything for fear we will be viewed as racists! Trust me, we’re viewed as racists before we even open our mouths. Those of the left have taken the privilege of Freedom of Speech to extremes, while we have the burdensome yoke of Political Correctness! We are not allowed to say nigger. We are not allowed to say terrorist. We’ve not allowed to not like and embrace obama. Last I heard the Black Caucus is making a list of what they view as Hate Speech that they want to ban. We, the so called, White Privileged, are called oppressors, we are the despots, we hate blacks, we hate women, we kill kids. We dare to step out of line and we are called racist. We have learned that the White Race is the reason the world is in a world of hurt!

    Rules for Radicals, the real bible of ALL community organizers & community activists, says “accuse your victim of what you are doing.” He took this phrase from Vladimir Lenin, who said it over 100 years ago.

    The radical lefties have been accusing us of everything they do; and ridiculing us (Rule # 5) in which, conservatives (especially the GOP) have no clue how to counter any of the claims. The GOP is either stupid or extremely intimidated by the loony left. Not that I don’t think the loons on the left are smarter..they are more (outwardly) cunning & vocal.

    Until the Right starts fighting back and hiring our own sharptons, jacksons, etc. to counterclaim the accusations, this mess will continue until the communists beat us down and win the game.

    I recommend reading Rules for Radicals… then you can see every step this administration is taking and why.

    P.S. I did enjoy the article.

  • disqus_BDhbrmRChh

    Yea, I saw white folks rioting, stealing and breaking things. NOT. Shove your racist rant, miss honey beige.

  • Someone didn’t read until the end, and also someone doesn’t get obvious sarcassssm! Lol

  • John Allen


  • disqus_BDhbrmRChh

    EAT ME!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    What really happened: The StLPD Photoshopped all the white looters to make them look black.