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How Chris Hayes Got Schooled on Twitter

Smug conceited MSNBC host Chris Hayes got his panties all knotted up today when Rupert Murdoch made this statement:

I dunno… seems pretty reasonable to me. But NOT to white social justice warrior Hayes!

Wait.. seriously? Holding a group responsible for what some members do is “evil logic” and terroristic?! I did not know that. Oh wait….

So… by his own definition, Chris Hayes is a terrorist.

I tried to point this out to him gently, but he blocked me.

Good job, idiot.

  • Recon5

    Guess it’s escaped his notice that our law and military code of conduct both frown on murder, rape, kidnapping and firing on non-coms.

  • cmac

    Who is Chris Hayes? HAHA!

  • bruce lorraine

    The stupid runs far, wide and deep with this talking head, it does.

  • Pablo

    “Uncle Chris, can you tell us another story about White Privilege?”

  • gastorgrab

    It’s a characteristic of all leftists that they each want to be judged individually, but they reserve the right to collectively judge all who oppose them.

    Collective Judgement Examples:: “White Privilege”, “Rape Culture”

    Individual Judgement Example: “#Not All Muslims”