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NBC News Nightly Ratings PLUMMETED by 36% on Friday After Brian Williams Debacle

brian williams head

It’s revenge of the “bathroom bloggers”! Brian Williams is feeling the sting of insulting the online army that has dug up all the times he’s embellished or outright lied, and the hit is taking it’s toll. The ratings for NBC Nightly News dropped by an incredible 36% on Friday, the day he left and Lester Holt subbed in for him:

From Adweek:

Preliminary Nielsen ratings show “NBC Nightly News” dropped -36% on Friday from last week’s Monday-Thursday average among A25-54 viewers. NBC’s competitors were down too, but not as much: ABC was down -16% while CBS was down -17% on Friday.

The fast affiliate data also shows “Nightly,” which Williams anchored despite being in the news, was beaten Friday in both total viewers and the A25-54 demo by “ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.” Williams’s first apology came during Wednesday’s “Nightly News.” By Friday evening the story was on full boil. These numbers will adjust some when final ratings are released tomorrow.

Here at the sooper mexy blog we’ve broken three stories that have gotten national and even international attention – the “gangs of New Orleans” story, Williams’ contradictory suicide eyewitness tales, and his unbelievable bragging that he owns a part of the helicopter that crashed in the Osama Bin Laden raid.

Will he survive the onslaught?

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  • Carl Fales

    I actually want NBC to keep Brian Williams as their anchor. If they fire him, they can keep up the fiction that they are a fair, unbiased, objective media organization. When nothing could be further from the truth.

    If Brian Williams is back in the anchor chair soon the mask comes off and they lose all credibility (not that they had any before, as far as I am concerned).

  • MicahStone

    “NBC News Nightly Ratings PLUMMETED by 36% on Friday After Brian Williams Debacle”

    —I’m guessing that FAKE-NEWS master Jon Steward had a correspond INCREASE in ratings.

    Although (obviously) the top candidate to take over the NBC Nightly News from white-male news-faker Lyin’ Brian Williams is fake-news master white-male Jon Stewart, the news of this job opening quickly spread to the d-cRAT’s 51st state – and the hoards of job seeking ILLEGALS are coming to apply.

    Might as well get ready for the possible new and not-improved NBC Cada noche Noticias ! (NB: English translations will be provided via subtitles.)