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Friend of Canadian Teen Who Planned ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’ Defends Him on Twitter

Yesterday Canadian authorities said they foiled a mass murder plot by four young people, but denied it had anything to do with terrorism. Today the identity of one of the plotters was released:

Details are shaky, but it appears that he alerted the police about the plot he was involved in, and then took his own life before police arrived.

On Twitter today, an account of a person claiming to have been his friend defended his memory:

Obviously this is a young woman who is grieving for her friend, so her making excuses for him is understandable. However, just because James was nice to her doesn’t mean he wasn’t a monster. Whatever actually happened, I’m sure the Canucks will release more information about the plot. Thank goodness no one else was hurt.

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  • Aleesha

    I never consented to this. I was not making excuses. He was my friend, I can’t believe he would’ve done this, but he was still my friend. This isn’t okay, though. I didn’t consent and I don’t want this out there. Leave me alone.

  • Aleesha

    This isn’t fair to me. I’m just grieving and mourning the loss of a friend.

  • Aleesha

    I’m thankful to whoever tipped off the police, and I’m thankful that he killed himself instead of killing innocent people. I miss him, obviously it hurts, but it’s better this way.

  • Aleesha

    Don’t post about what you don’t know.

  • Morg

    This post is disgraceful. Not only did you post her tweets (something which she never consented to), but you also took quite a lot of liberty dictating what she meant by them. She was hardly excusing any of his actions, she’s grieving for her friend. People are multidimensional beings. He wasn’t a saint nor was he a monster. He was a human. Good and bad exists in all of us. The immaturity of this post would be laughable, except this is a human who is grieving the loss of someone she considered dear to her. I think posting this was despicable.

  • Cass

    Clearly she is greiving the loss of a friend, not making excuses for his actions.

  • Her Friend

    Hi, do me a favour and back the hell off. She is grieving the loss of her friend. Just because she is upset does not mean she condones the planning. The families of The people involved have just been struck a huge blow and i sincerely hope you realise the damage that you are doing to them. I would also like to say that she has specifically denied any and all permissions of anyone using any of her posts for media purposes.

    You need to think about what these people are going through and you should probably take down this post. It is a disgusting attempt at a so called “story” and all it is doing is upsetting someone who is mourning.
    You should definitely be ashamed of yourself.

  • Guest

    You should be ashamed of your fucking self.
    The person never once consented to having her tweets published, She’s not condoning the planning, She’s grieving her friend.
    Back the hell off.

  • Guest

    Dude, this is disgusting, you’ve taking the words of someone who is grieving and used them completely out of context to make her seem bad. Not once did she try and make an excuse for him, she did not try to defend him, all she said was that they are not monsters, and unless you know the people, it is not your place to say they are. You should be ashamed.

  • nikko

    Aleesha – He saw that things weren’t right and tried to fix it. His last act as a person was to alert the police. James died a hero, even though he was a misguided one, and I’m so so sorry that he felt the need to take his own life after saving god-knows-how-many lives with his tip to the cops.

  • Karl

    Do you seriously have nothing else to write about? What if your friend committed suicide? Would YOU want MEDIA to talk about it and invade your privacy?