ferguson flag

Ferguson Protesters STOMP on American Flag and DESTROY IT in Front of Police Dept

It’s really funny how Ferguson protest defenders keep telling us that they’re not all that bad and they’re just Americans like the rest of us. But then they do things like loot and burn down businesses, shoot at cops, and now, stomp on and destroy an American flag.

Here are some tweets from the demonstration:

One thing to notice – if you zoom in you’ll see the degenerate is wearing an Occupy Wall Street “Guy Fawkes” mask. No coincidence an Occupy account retweeted the video:


[h/t Twitchy]

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  • Robert49

    The idiots raging don’t even get that they have it extremely easy here in the USA for all intended purposes. Let them go to say like Saudi Arabia and start tearing up or burning a Saudi Kingdom flag. They will be rounded up and stoned to death, hung or shot dead

  • Joe Ramirez

    When I was in the army, back in the day, blacks would not stand up and give their respect to the national anthem, before the start of the movie.But yet they were always the first at the mess hall. They want respect but don’t give it back. This would infuriate me so damn much.