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Idiotic MSNBC Guest Says Ted Cruz Listens to Country Music Because He Wants to Kill Muslims, Panel Laughs

The pendejos at MSNBC apologized because a dumbass guest joked that Ted Cruz likes country music because “nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music.” Ebony Magazine editor Jamilah Lemieux probably felt perfectly comfortable making such idiotic comments because she just assumed her fellow panelists hate country music as a matter of fact, and think all country music enthusiasts are knuckle-dragging, fly-over country, racist rednecks. And they probably do. But they’re bright enough not to say it out loud, unlike Lamieux.

Watch below:

There were some people who caught it on Twitter, but not surprisingly that many, given their crappy ratings:

  • AZWarrior

    This from a person who no doubt would scream racism if another panel member pointed out the anti-social, cop killing, woman demeaning and pro drug dealing lyrics of Rap Music.

  • razorback715

    Nothing says idiotic like the crap that comes out of MSNBC

  • Steve Ross

    It’s hard to look at her tits when she has a fish hook in her nose.

  • No Comment

    “Nothing says ‘let’s go kill some Muslims’ like country music…

    And nothing screams “Racist” like the often repeated N-word at 1000db in every car blaring Gangsta Rap

  • gastorgrab

    Jamilah Lemieux is a former member of the Black Panther Party.

    MSNBC should apologize for inviting her on in the first place.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    Maybe she’s a Muslim and the fish hook is for reeling her in for her warrior man to rape her.

  • I went to confront this beeyatch on Twitter and I forgot she blocked me.

  • right_wing2

    Nothing says ‘I’m a brain dead idiot’ like saying ‘nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music.’

  • Ribbey
  • linnilu

    You must have said something right if you have been blocked. Good job.

  • Clevelander

    Among the MSNBC crowd, this bimbo is considered an intellectual. This cable channel is a sad and pathetic joke, for sad and pathetic viewers with no education, no intelligence, and no lives.

  • joe

    what an idiot, I’m not a country fan but it’s better than hip hop

  • DuckDodger

    Nothing says “kill all non Muslims like reading the Quran”

  • Billy

    Who cares? She is nobody and never will be with an intellect as deep as that. These news shows just look for anyone to blab about anything so they can have a face on the air.

  • Bob Trower

    If that is the case, I wish Obama would get a few country tunes going loud and clear in the White House.
    that rap music only puts you in a “cop killing” mood.

  • WrinkledThought

    Nothing says let’s go kill some White folks like gangster rap music. It even says go rape some White folks if you listen long enough (if you can, that is.). What a racist moron Ebony Magazine editor Jamilah Lemieux is proving herself to be!

  • Bob Trower

    Well said!!!

  • gastorgrab

    On the rare occasions they have David Duke on, don’t they always announce him as “Former Grand Wizard Of The Ku Klux Klan”?

  • Bill Hosken

    What a racist cunt ! Lol

  • Ed Dipple

    Nothing says stupid hate mongering racist wench fanning the flames of race war like jamilah lemieux

  • don2dive

    Typical guest for MSNBC.

  • Biker689

    The good news is that according to recent ratings, only 5 people were watching msnbc at the time.

  • Tom

    She’s a negroe do you expect anything more!!?? I like how she says moozlum they hate it when you call them moozlum so who’s the idiot here!!??

  • ocdetf

    Sure looks like they condoned it to me. And, that smiling jackass Steele just sits there.

  • ocdetf

    That’s all that MSNBC does invite.

  • Roger Dodd

    The more I hear from the so called intelligentsia of the Black Race the more I fear a someday race war. Do these idiots really believe what they are saying? Everyone rightly condemned the Oklahoma frat boys, but when Black leaders make racist remarks it is laughed off. No one is censuring rappers for their lyrics of the Black Panthers for their inflammatory statements. Only one race can be discriminated against and it is accepted. White folks beware.

  • Dale Patterson

    Well, she certainly played HER idiot card…

  • Onafets

    Country music or Rap music, not sure what type of killing they were talking about…

  • steve Howell

    what a MAJOR dumbass. I didn’t think people could get that stupid. But then , for a brief moment, I forgot we have liberals on earth.

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  • DW

    I may well be wrong, but I think the first song which came out about 9/11 was a Country song. Chock full of vile hate.