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Reliably Liberal Humor Site Tweets ‘Transphobic’ Cat Joke and Trans-Twitter Goes NUTS!

I follow the nerd news site Boing Boing even though it’s pretty annoyingly leftist, which makes it even more enjoyable that they’re being castigated by their lefty followers for a pretty innocent and rather funny tweet:

UPDATE! They eventually deleted the tweet and added this:

The problem of course, is that this is mocking the tranny trials and tranny tribulations of transgendered people. And boy where they called on it:

Of course they apologized, but didn’t delete the offensive tweet:

Good job, politically correct police. Now let’s go beat up some white Christians males or something.

Get ready America, the humorless PC mob will soon be after the rest of you too.

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  • Joel A. Edge

    “mocking of otherkin”
    What the hell is ‘otherkin’?

  • NRPax

    Joel, are you sitting down? Do you have something alcoholic? Is anyone nearby that would be scared to hear you rant?

    Here goes.

    “Otherkin” is a special kind of freak. They believe that even though they have human bodies, they are actually a fantasy creature (Elves are pretty popular) or an alien (such as the Na’avi from Avatar) or even an animal (Wolves are usually the main one although foxes are up there).

  • Joel A. Edge

    “Joel, are you sitting down? Do you have something alcoholic?”
    There isn’t enough alcohol these days.

  • NRPax

    Consider a statement like that my equivalent of a “trigger warning.”

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  • HR

    Species is a societal construct.

    Cis-cats are real bastards toward us transcats, though.

  • gastorgrab

    You cant “protect” people from reality forever.

  • Some Rabbit

    The homosexual Left is mortified that someone can so easily demonstrate the absurdity of their beliefs.

  • Ray Haight

    Brought to you by the “science” party.