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Twitter Says Tom Brady Is An Unpatriotic Tea Party Racist for Snubbing Obama

If there’s one thing I can say in favor of Tom Brady is that he snubbed Obama today for a prior family commitment. But the internet knows what that REALLY MEANS. Racism.

I think this one is a joke though

Well enjoy your IRS audit, Tom Brady. Because next season the Buffalo Bills are gonna kick your butt! Maybe.

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  • Tory

    Progressives = Warriors for social justice and equality!

    The plan is to take all the words associated with injustice and inequality like racism and homophobia, and use them as frequently and as frivolously as possible, until they no longer have any meaning.


  • Jim Denney

    Why would a great QB want to meet a whiny JV ‘playah’ who claimed racism as the reason he didn’t get more minutes on his HS team, then went 2 for 22 playing HORSE with grade school kids at the WH Easter Egg party? What would they talk about, how far Hussein got with so little actual talent?

  • MM

    Amazing how people automatically cry racism, what a crew of inciting idiots! Did anyone consider that he really just couldn’t make it? Or let’s say it’s true he doesn’t support Obama, why does that label him a racist? Is it that you must like him because he’s black?Wouldn’t that be racism? Am I a racist because I think Al Sharpton is deplorable? After all he’s black.

  • Bill Morgan

    Could it be that he just thinks more of his family than of the muzlim-in-chief?

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  • MyMindyGirl

    One doesn’t have to look any further than how Tom Brady treated the mother of his first child, to know he has no integrity. Family commitment is like resigning when caught, to spend more time with family. Big fail #TomBrady, shame on you for your lack of respect for Mr. Kraft, the team, and the President.

  • barfomer

    I just became a Tom Brady fan.

  • RevKev57

    Absolutely not…He’s a racist jerk! (sarc)

  • Bill Morgan

    And it’s all George Bush’s fault anyway!

  • I guess racist is the description for those who are not in line with the current training and indocrination.

  • neo rambo

    it looks like Brady is my new favorite player if he has the balls to stand up to the worthless pos in the wh WHY TO GO TOM

  • neo rambo

    don’t forget that the white guy George Will beat him at horse it must be the white half that makes him a retard sports person