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‘Tolerant’ Liberals Are VERY ANGRY Bruce Jenner Is A Republican!

So the internet is freaking out because Bruce Jenner admitted that he’s a Republican on the interview where he was announcing that he was transitioning into a female. But here’s the thing – that’s never really been a secret. It’s just that people assume anyone who would change their gender is a liberal.

Here’s a bunch of morons freaking out:

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  • RKae

    Well, don’t they have a surgical procedure that can change him into a Democrat?

    I like the way we have to respect his choice of gender but not his choice of politics. Nice.

  • AtlasBurped

    Its called a lobotomy!

  • Sam Spade

    Wow they sound really “tolerant”. Typical of dumbass hypocrite libs. They’re all snakes and they’ll bite your head off if you don’t get in line with being a collectivist fuckwit.

  • lazybumranch

    Wow….so tolerant!

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  • Croak

    Your political orientation is not a choice…

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  • McGehee

    I have a lot of sympathy for Bruce Jenner, but I wish he’d tried just getting away from the Kardashians first. Who knows, maybe it would’ve been enough.

  • I have said it before: I’ve found more understanding from conservatives for being bisexual and a Heathen than I have from the LGBT community for being conservative/libertarian.

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  • Ruth

    So-called liberals love diversity …………in looks, just not in thoughts.

  • John R.

    Cutting off your penis? You’re awesome!!! Cutting down tax rates? You’re mentally ill!!!

  • MILAN68

    I love how this whole time the left has been gaga over Jenner since his coming out as transgender. But as soon as he also came out as a republican…well, the hate has just been pouring in from them. They just continue to show the world that their “tolerance” only goes as far you tow the ideology. If you don’t you are garbage and deserving of their hate and derision.


    Typical idiot savant drama queens; and they will all tell you they are “Recovering Catholics” though I’m not sure what they are recovering TO.

  • Ed Jones

    Ahhhhhhh…… The Tolerance is strong on the Left Side. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Kim in California

    I don’t care what his gender is…I think the Republican party should embrace him because it needs to show that the party truly represents American values–love, acceptance, tolerance. It will blow the Democrats’ minds if they do.

  • Scratcheee

    There is no hate like liberal hate.

  • Misanthrope

    If they weren’t hate-filled, dishonest hypocrites, they wouldn’t be leftists.

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  • Ralph_Gizzip

    Wow! Chris Seelbach, the first openly gay elected member of the Cincinnati City Council is an intolerant bigot. For some strange reason I’m not surprised.

  • sam v

    The GOP is a cult.

  • Nan231

    When it comes to true choice the left goes apesh*t.

  • debbieap

    Awsome hes a republican so am I liberals suck good for u brucy

  • Captain_Sensible50

    Why should anyone be surprised at the reaction from the oh-so-tolerant Left?

    You don’t wonder why a puppy craps on the floor. It’s not his fault, as he doesn’t know any better. Liberals are pretty much the same as puppies, though rarely as cute.

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  • Sex Buzzard

    sam v touches animals in inappropriate ways.

  • S H

    Its not the party’s thing to officially embrace people (hardly ever happens for anyone). Esp not for lifestyle stuff (start Solidarity or feed the poor, maybe you can get to speak at the convention if you ask)… Us rank and file members don’t seem to have a problem with him. If that’s what you mean; I guess we do.

  • Elliot1234

    Perhaps DLGBT would be a more accurate way to describe the folks the liberals support?

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  • doug johnson

    What libs never get is conservatives don’t HATE people, they OPPOSE things they disagree with. In the conservative mind those concepts are light years apart. That doesn’t even make sense to a liberal. If you disagree with a them, you’re instantly a monster.

  • Mary Crohan

    Liberal Hatred at it’s finest.

  • Mark C. Danzig

    which it sounds like you’ve gotten one already

  • Mark C. Danzig

    the only fuckwit here is pedos like you. REGISTER. NOW

  • Dick Richardson

    What a buncha lemmings.

  • Carter_Burger67

    Just another example, in a long, long list, of the tolerant left…..tolerant only if you believe what they believe and say what they agree with.

  • Strac5

    Nicely done, sir. Nicely done.

  • Grumpycarguy

    Whats the matter, Mark? Jealous you didn’t think of that first? Poor baby…..

  • Grumpycarguy

    Owwww!!! Stop it, Doug. That makes enough sense, my brain now hurts.

  • Dracaerys

    The left is NOT tolerant. The left is full of hatred for anything they don’t decide first.

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  • Moviesforlife

    Liberal hypocrisy.

  • magic1114

    It just shocks the left that someone would come out as a Republican, which pretty much means that he’s come out as someone with values, truthfulness and probably a belief in God. Suck it up lefties! Although Bruce is somewhat confused as far as gender is concerned, at least he knows the right party to side with!

  • magic1114

    That’s what vagina envy does to someone…

  • get2djnow

    There’s no Brownshirts like those Brownshirts!

  • Dan

    I call it “diversity as decoration.” American liberals only want different races and ethnicities of people around so they have a colorful backdrop for their daily lives and a variety of food to eat. It’s completely superficial.

  • Duce Volt

    Good god, I wonder when the left will realize they are consuming themselves from the inside out with their intolerance.

  • shawnsBrain

    I will support his vote for Ted Cruz in 2016

  • richard40

    Isn’t it sad all these bigoted leftists exhibiting all this hatred toward a transexual. Why wont they be more tolerant.