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They’re Just Attacking White People Now at Baltimore Protest

I think the peaceful protesters are just taking the opportunity to peacefully attack white people and to peacefully destroy property now.

Here’s another video:


Iraq War Veteran Marine Posts AWESOME Response To Despicable Frat That INSULTED ‘Wounded Warriors’



  • Bill-D

    Typical animal pack attacks.
    Do NOT spend your money in Baltimore.
    Do NOT go to Baltimore.
    Do NOT vote for any liberal Democrat who support those in Baltimore.
    Do NOT vote for anyone who is soft on crime.

  • Bill-D

    Bring it COOL.
    You boys only attack when you outnumber someone 10 to 1.

  • Bill-D

    No, the media made sure that was NOT shown. It may have ruined the liberal, progressive narrative they dearly love to present.
    The good thing coming out of this: White Guilt is falling way like an old scab. That ole song don’t cut it anymore.

  • Bill-D

    You filthy Nog. Run out in the freeway and play.