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They’re Just Attacking White People Now at Baltimore Protest

I think the peaceful protesters are just taking the opportunity to peacefully attack white people and to peacefully destroy property now.

Here’s another video:


Iraq War Veteran Marine Posts AWESOME Response To Despicable Frat That INSULTED ‘Wounded Warriors’



  • amabokcuf

    Lock and load folks…this is obama’s Ameirka, this is what the bastard wants…

  • Jack Mahoghof

    Fucking savages…

  • Bftsplyx

    Live ammo = short protests. Maryland takes away its citizens means of protection through gun control, then stands by while innocent people are attacked.

  • And this is a very liberal city that voted 87.4% for Obama in 2012…

  • bkhuna

    Another day, another excuse for “Black to School” Shopping.

  • Restore Truth to Leadership

    MD has very strict gun laws. The innocent are not able to protect themselves. God help us all

  • Greta’sGuest

    Watched a LOT of the wall-to-wall coverage and didn’t see anyone atacking white people. I DID see the majority of the protesters as “peaceful” with some very definitely bussed-in agitators demeaning and spitting on and throwing things at the cops and one gang of teenagers running through downtown and smashing windows and causing damage …. and the cops who behaved with great restraint! While I disagree that “all cops are bad”, I also agree with the right to protest peacefully.

  • I find it interesting that these folks only do this in liberal cities. I’m OK with that.

  • Delaney Coffer

    A tire iron would be more fun anyway.

  • Time to militarize the portion of the populace fed up with bestial behavior. Build gallows in the town square.

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  • John C Hall Jr

    Baltimore…home of the NAACP…….are they advancing enough for us whites yet?

  • Marie

    Black, white I don’t care……………..shoot them. Get rid of the low life scum…

  • GoAwayLib


  • John Coffee

    How long will it be before it’s happening to a CITY near you BEFORE YOU WAKE UP towerclimber?, if this was MY town I think I’d might just have to go shot me a few cans namely afriCANS. I bet after a few fall the rest run for MAMMA!

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  • Haywood Jablowme

    I hope they come to my small town I just got two new Glock 34’s aII be waiting.

  • Haywood Jablowme


  • This is no longer about Freddy..these are animals preying on the weak..time for the officers to start protecting the weak and take out the garbage in Baltimore!!

  • towerclimber37

    If they attempted this in a city near me, we’d have a lot of rubber bags being shipped to their home towns. We have more gun shops than churches. 🙂
    I’m all for peaceful protest but when it comes to acting like savages, we can put a stop to that quick fast and in a hurry.
    If you notice, the out of town agitators didn’t try that in Charleston. even the black people there told them if they were unwanted and would be met with force.

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  • Werewolf

    The people must start intervening on behalf of themselves. This is coming down to survival. The only thing being served and protected here is the radical leftist agenda. You have the natural right to protect yourselves regardless of what the lefty laws in the liberal sewers say. Better to be judged by six than beaten to death by a mob of Dindus.

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  • Tanner Mitchell

    When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes your duty

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  • Bonnie McCollett
  • Doug Joyner

    Bullshit fuck Mara land laws my constatuion says I have the right to bear arms. And I will shoot your whit black red yellow or creamy chocolate ass if you fuck with me.

  • eeriesponsiple

    You should be in Brazil for the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War. Seems a bunch of cowardly low lifes fleeing Reconstruction ended up there. Probably your relatives including that one Mr. I-Surrendered-At-Gettysburg.

  • John C Hall Jr

    Hey Corey how did it go with the State department of education? Hope they had a nice little chat with you. Now you be a good little boy and play nice…….

  • eeriesponsiple

    Smug, aren’t we? They found out trying to use the woodshed can go both ways and are still icing down a few bruises. We’ll see if they want to play some more in due time.

  • COOL


  • John C Hall Jr

    I would rather be smug than a dumb ass like you..you took the bait….hook, line sinker…….

  • eeriesponsiple

    Yeah, hook, line, sinker when you have no idea what’s on the line John Boy Soon time for you to bend over for one of those NAACP guys to do more pounding isn’t it? Bet you keep hollering “I surrender, string me up” all the while.

  • JohnnyRotten41

    Why don’t you pay for furthering an agenda of violence? Come make us pay here in Tennessee and see what happens to your happy azz.

  • Tony

    This is bulls hit time for the white people to rise up and the media to tell the truth blacks thugs are running this country down I’m pissed

  • man-o-war

    You don’t even know if it was a white officer that did it. Don’t be a moron. Blacks really don’t want to start a race war, they are still the minority and outgunned. You will lose!

  • man-o-war
  • MzSmith92

    Fuck you crackers honkeys bitches on this site. White people is the red eye devil need to burn in hell. I hope they kill some crackers in Baltimore.

  • MzSmith92

    Go shoot up a school in a movie theater that’s what your kind of people do . White people are pedophiles like little kids. White women kill there kids. White have incest with there family member .. White peopl fucks animals. A black person should kill you in your family. I hope all racist cracker die. Burn in hell cracker.

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  • DubzNYC

    You sound stupid.

  • MzSmith92

    Fuck you.

  • DubzNYC

    That’s nice… 92… I’m guessing that’s the year u were born. So young but yet so dumb. Make a change in your life to better yourself. Stop being so hateful. Opportunity is out there. Your buying into this bullshit. So much hate for the whites, when actually in this day in age the only one holding you down is yourself. Smarten up!!!

  • DubzNYC

    On top of that. This ISNT a race war. More whites are killed by police than any other. Do your research and stop being so naive. Racism is alive because of people like you on both sides.

  • MzSmith92

    You only reply to my comments you don’t see these white people on here talking about black people write. Fuck white people they want to be racist I be can racist back.

  • D_Smith2020

    Eventually whites will tire of the constant victimization and start fighting back. When that happens lock up the china because if history proves one thing it’s that when white people go to war they REALLY tear shit up!

  • I live in a town where folks are generally poor. To use color as an excuse to take something from someone else, you fist need to find someone who has more than you do. No, here, we’re all just folks. Color isn’t an issue.

  • Brian Cox

    The religion of peace is about as accurate as the peaceful demonstrations of blacks. Both are nothing but bullshit.

  • Brian Cox

    Africa with pavement