blacks attack whites handicapped

Disgusting: Video from Whites Attacked by ‘Freddie Gray’ Mob Shows Handicapped Woman Under Assault

There was video of this incident in Baltimore from far away, but this morning I found this video from one of the patrons inside the bar, and halfway through it, you clearly see that they’re trying to protect a handicapped woman in a wheelchair under the onslaught of projectiles thrown by the unruly mob.

Watch below:

At one point, a man holding a protest sign yells, “shut up bitch!” to a white woman trying to stave off the protesters.

Here are two screenshots of the woman in a wheelchair:

blacks attack whites handicapped cropped

But of course, we’re going to be told the protest and looting had nothing to do with race, right? Is that why people protected their businesses by putting out “black owned” signs out front?

Hmmmm. Makes ya think.

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  • UnknownUzer

    Check out all those “shocked” white people who were just trying to participate and be all huggy /feely with their black brothers and sisters, but instead became targets of violence based solely on the color of their skin, not the content of their character.
    I have seen this a hundred times. Idealistic (moronic) white liberal hippies trying to cuckold themselves to the black cause and then are dumbfounded when they are attacked when the angst, they helped to whip up, reaches a fever pitch.

  • Press Watchusa

    Like a flock of Vultures

  • TheDissentingVoice

    Can’t we all jus’ gets along?

  • Wolverines

    Always in numbers, always finding a handy weapon.

  • tickyul

    Sure doesn’t look like it. I want the best for all……but my opinion is Blacks and Whites, in general, dislike and distrust each other!

  • johnholliday

    I’m thinking semi-auto

  • annieoakley

    I worked with a black man doing low voltage security and fire alarms. Now I would think twice about it.

  • AlThompson

    Hope the sorry assed white cock suckers got their asses kicked GOOD! They deserve it for trying to hang with black thug trash.

  • tickyul

    I TRY my best to be kind and non-judgemental……treat people fairly! But I understand exactly what you are saying……I struggle not to get angry with Blacks, seems like a LOT of them are very troubled living in the USA!

  • John the Dude

    You elected the mayor. You allowed liberals to run amok. Now sleep in the bed you made. Just don’t move down here South to get away from the crime, taxes and corruption cause you bring your stupid sh$% with you to every home owners association. Seriously, every new neighborhood gets filled with liberals on those HOA’s who “escaped” the very policies they voted for, and then they come down here and tell you that you can’t put up an American flag or a stupid satellite dish or whatever. Live in that trash and with that trash. No sympathy.

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    Thugs trash,you racist piece of shit

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    I’m glad the black people, my black people are fighting the fight against racial injustice…

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    We don’t need white people fighting our fight….Its not their fight.

  • UnknownUzer

    How hilariously ironic

  • Dmack1965

    Those black people that are rioting and being violent are just proving the point of all the racist who expect this kind of thing. They should use their brains and protest peacefully. Oh that’s right, they have no brains.
    Just a bunch of ungrateful pieces of garbage. No other country in the world has done more for black people than what the USA has done, or offered them better opportunities than the USA has offered.
    Keep on playing the “victim” of some imaginary oppression.
    Look where it’s gotten “your people” so far.
    You my friend are part of the problem.

  • UnknownUzer

    Those are big words, Coming from the guy who does’t want people of a different color standing next to him.

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    Marching for 50 years have gotten us what? Nothing!

  • WhateverDunce

    They need white people more than whites need them. In fact, keeping whites divided (Conservative vs. Liberal) is in the interest of Blacks, especially now that hispanics are the larger minority now and are quickly marginalizing blacks in the work force and society.

  • WhateverDunce

    I specifically bought every house I’ve owned in neighborhoods that didn’t have an HOA simply because I don’t want busy-bodies bothering me and telling me what to do all the time. HOAs are full of mini-despots and wannabe tyrants.

  • d

    Animals that lose any credibility and only deserve prison like the rest of their kin. can we lock up these criminals fast enough or just give them the needle?

  • Victoria Vallejo

    Try working instead.

  • Living Sovereign

    you have lost your mind. conservative and liberal is a myth just like democrat and republican.

  • WhateverDunce

    You’re probably an Infowars whack-job.

  • This–Is–Crazy-

    March off the edge of a cliff next time.

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    I have a job you dumb white bitch

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  • Chris

    Keep playing the victim roll. At least you do that well.what else can you bring to the table.you just label people this or that.stop labeling be human

  • I’ve seen other videos of black mobs attacking whites this week. This is getting out of hand. I don’t know what to do about it. Black leadership is stirring this up to keep themselves in power. The black community needs to look to themselves and do a critique. They have to look at babies having babies, the high school dropout rate, etc.

  • ddpacino

    There is no “black leadership is stirring this up”. They have no damn leadership. I’m a fellow black Baltimorean and know this first hand. I agree with you, but coming from a white lady they’d just call you racist like the idiots they continue to be. I just want to leave this shithole, for good. There’s an epidemic of low IQ and ignorance throughout the city.

  • There definitely is black leadership stirring black violence up. Al Sharpton for one. He’s going to Baltimore now to stir up trouble. He did that years ago in Brooklyn.

  • ddpacino

    Factually, it’s been going on for days without him being here…

  • Ed Park

    How much money did each of the rioters get from their teargas lawsuit in ferguson? Teargas is harmless it goes away, like they should have.

  • *throws up*

  • Steve Brown

    I would have loved to have been there.
    With my Colt M1911A1 and half a dozen mags loaded with semi-hollow point .45 rounds.
    Riot time? Plus or minus ten seconds from the first round.

  • Steve Brown

    “This is getting out of hand. I don’t know what to do about it.”
    The answer is to FIGHT BACK.
    Shoot anyone, no matter their color, who is attacking you. Defend anyone, no matter of what color, who stands with you.

  • Steve Brown

    What about the black-on-black ‘racism’ going on in South Africa, right now?
    That’s not ‘racial injustice’ it’s just financial envy.
    The Zimbabweans, the Zambians, the Mozambiquans get down to hard work, they make money and are hated by the South African blacks because of that. The SA blacks want to be given money, to be given nice houses but they DON’T want to work for them.

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  • Dmack1965

    You get what you give in life.
    Act like an animal, be caged like an animal.
    Act like an decent human being, and be treated as such.
    You keep on marching, at least then you’re not torching innocent businesses that have nothing to do with whatever ax you are grinding today. White people are killed by the police as well, we just don’t act like animals when it happens.

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    How about you write people stop shooting unarm black. White people are the devils hell spawn. Just look at all the injustice and racial tension you’ve caused.

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    Systematic racism has nothing to do with bipartisanship. Black ppl have voted for both parties and it has gotten us no where.

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    I don’t want to move around with the likes of your kind. Thanks anyway.

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    Ask yourself why?

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    Done more for blacks? So now I’m suppose owe you white peoples a gratitude of thanks? You have enslaved blacks, murdered blacks and created a system that aids white privilege. Other countries are laughing at this country in disgust. Fuck this country and you know what? Fuck you also.

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    What about white supremacy?

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    Name one incident where a white cop shot a unarm white man while in handcuffs face down on the ground( Oscar Grant)

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    Name one incident where a white person got shot 8 times in the back while running. Make sure you post credible sources because I will read to see if they are legit. We do read you know .

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    What’s going on in Baltimore is really making me proud of my black people. Fighting against white supremacy. The white police of this Kkkountry we call Amerikkka need to take notice. Black will not tolerate your unbalance justice system, one that mistreat blacks like we’re misguided rabbid animals. The real monsters are the white politicians, judges,lawyers that see to it that blacks remain caged like animals.

  • tickyul

    At this point I would like a SOLUTION……..like maybe dividing the country up along racial lines!

  • Daryl Skinner’sTech Tips Skinn

    When there was segregation back in the 1920’s and 30’s black had their own banks, big business,education etc. we don’t need to coexist with whites, how can we with systematic racism in place. We need whites, fuck em.

  • tickyul

    YES, I agree………..I think that Whites and Blacks would get along better, cooperate more, if we had our own SEPARATE countries.