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WATCH: Baltimore Thugs Mob And ROB Camerawoman And It’s Caught On Video!

A gang of thugs surrounded a camerawoman for the Russian news service RT, and apparently one of them grabbed her backpack because she went chasing after them while the camera captured it all.

Watch below:

You can hear her screaming “give it back!” as she gives chase and the perp is caught by police. Just peaceful protesters.

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  • lazybumranch

    Could have been Obama’s son, if he had one.

  • donnampon

    Freddie Gray’s arrest record:

    3-20-15 – dealing cocaine
    8-28-08 – possession of narcotics
    10-5-12 – illegal gambling
    1-25-14 – possession of narcotics over 10 grams
    8-24-07 – manufacturing and distribution of narcotics
    8-29-07 – distribution of narcotics
    9-16-08 – distribution of narcotics
    4-16-08 – distribution of narcotics
    5-9-12 – distribution of narcotics
    1-4-15 – distribution of narcotics
    12-31-14 – distribution of narcotics
    5-13-14 – stolen property
    7-16-08 – distribution of narcotics
    3-28-08 – possession of narcotics
    2-12-08 – distribution of narcotics
    9-29-13 distribution of narcotics
    12-4-14 – distribution of narcotics
    12-4-14 – possession of narcotics
    3-20-08 – Burglary
    3-20-08 – possession of narcotics
    9-21-07 – distribution of narcotics
    4-30-08 – unlawful possession (TWO COUNTS)

    (Source: Maryland Dept. of Justice.)

  • Night Owl

    The weeping by the reporter is kind of funny. Who would bring anything that isn’t covered by insurance to an event like that?

  • gastorgrab

    They’re justifying every charge made against them by the White Supremacist movement.

  • Crisrose

    Not funny at all. Natural reaction to being surrounded by those disgusting animals.


    Ah yes. The noble and peaceful # blacklivessmatter thug. Gently debating and negotiating his entitlement ot the foreign news correspondents’ grand larcenous benefit of their hardware. Nothing to see here, move along. Just a righteous soldier comabating the evils of white privy.

  • Steven Riley

    She forgot the #1 rule: Around blacks, never relax.

  • 26Thirdeye

    blacks are monkeys, they’re only going to respond to force

    Cities like Baltimore and Ferguson are finding out why the KKK existed in the first place.

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