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What This Owner Did When a Customer Put a SHOTGUN to His Head is Right Out of an ACTION MOVIE!

A smoke shop owner had a customer pull a shotgun on him, but thankfully he was calm, cool and collected, and shot down that piece of crap.

Watch below:

More from My Fox Atlanta:

The regular customers, who gathered around a strip mall on Snapfinger Road in DeKalb County Thursday afternoon, weren’t so much talking about the incredible way a store owner fought off armed robbers. They were just fed up with the violence.

“We’ve got people wanting to walk around here, and instead of getting a job, they gotta walk around here, rob, steal, and kill,” William Michael Graham says, “It’s sad.”

What happened at the Smoke Shop could have been tragic.

DeKalb County Police say two men walked into the store, pretending to be customers. They asked for the store owner to get them something from a shelf, and when he turned his back, one of the men pulled a shotgun and put it to the owner’s head.

Police say when the owner realized what was happening, he turned around; and while moving the shotgun away from his head, he pulled out his own gun and shot one of the robbers dead.

“It was a gutsy move, but like I said, he felt his life was in jeopardy, no doubt,” Capt. Stephen Fore, with DeKalb County Police says.

Police say the second robber got away, but once investigators were able to identify him from witness statements, he turned himself in.

Good. Two more scumbags off the street, one permanently.

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