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Girl Who Took McKinney Video Says They Didn’t Listen to Cop Because He Called Them NAMES?!

In a very contentious interview on Fox News, Sean Hannity debated the father of the girl who took the viral video of the McKinney altercation, and she made a surprising defense of the kids.

I done made a vine about it:

I also posted an extended clip at the Right Scooooop.

So is that the law in McKinney? As soon as a cop calls you a name you don’t have to listen to him? If anything her mistake is ADMITTING that the kids stopped listening to him. That seems like a telling admission.

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  • gastorgrab


    Like “RACISSST!!!!”?

  • EnoughIsEnough

    The kids in this video had neither respect for authority or fear of consequences. Where is the outrage that this lawless group feels entirely comfortable challenging the police, knowing that there will be no fallout?

  • Dave L.

    Stay in da ghetto, BITCH, where yous belongs !!

  • John c

    man liberal America sure is great

  • Deserttrek

    so the criminals are the ones who were wronged … the American negro is evolutionarily slipping backwards

  • BadBruceLorraine

    Wha dya mean slipping? They’ve already regressed.

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