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Hillary Camp REFUSES to Comment on Bill Clinton Honoring The Confederacy on Arkansas Flag

In the beginning of this segment on the confederate flag, Jake Tapper reveals that he contacted the Hillary Clinton campaign about accusations from Obama in 2008 that they were race-baiting, and also Bill Clinton signing into law the recognition of the confederacy on the Arkansas flag.

And they refused to comment:


Isnt’ she the one who keeps saying that she’s ready to make “Hard Choices”? Yeah right.

‘Zero Respect For What You Did’ – How I Pissed Off Jake Tapper
  • Pat

    Hillary avoiding a tough question is a non-issue. If a Republican candidate said he/she would paint the entire white-house the colors of the Confederate flag if elected, they would probably win the election in a landslide. Enough of this stupid Nazi book burning, flag burning, history re-writing bullshit. Will somebody with some f’in balls stand up and tell black people to get that f’in chip off their shoulder. This is what drove Roof to madness. I’m starting to feel a little edgy myself…

  • Did I get the wrong clip sooper? All this one showed was Trump on Jeb Bush, nothing about Shillery or Slick Willie and the Confederate flag.

  • Geo

    Soop, that pic on the Home page of HillBill deserves a bubble next to Hill……

    “I aintz no waayz tiard”

  • Alexxthegreat

    Did anyone really think she was going to answer these questions?

  • Alexxthegreat

    Wrong video.