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Thanks Ann Coulter You’ve Sunk to Joe Biden Level Racist Stupidity

Ann Coulter just about invalidated all her arguments and her entire existence when she went on Kennedy’s show on Fox News Business and said just about the stupidest thing you could say about Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina.

Watch below:

WOW. What’s the worse possibility – that Ann Coulter called Nikki Haley an immigrant when she was born in South Carolina by accident, or that she did it on purpose to get attention? Either way, that was embarrassing and just gives our enemies more ammunition to attack us and call us racist.

I’ve listened to her talking about immigration and I think she gets a lot right, and a lot wrong, but being a complete idiot in this way doesn’t help her get her ideas out, and severely hurts the conservative movement.

Thanks a lot, Ann Coulter, you’ve sunk to Joe Biden level racist stupidity.

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  • It’s things like this, that she says every once in a while, that has me never supporting her. She said stupid things near-regularly during the Bush admin years too. I can even, although vaguely, remember a website that existed around 2005-ish calling her a liberal only trying to hurt conservatives’ image in the public eye.

  • Pat

    Ann’s not a racist. What’s with this Ann Coulter bashing? Don’t start eating our own. I think Ann Coulter would be the first to admit that she made a mistake. Both Nikki’s parents are immigrants from India but Nikki was born and raised in South Carolina. Ann prides herself on knowing the facts so I know if someone points this out to her that she will be thoroughly embarrassed and apologetic. Ann is a shoot from the hip kind of person but let’s not do the democrats a favor by excoriating her for a mistake. Give her a chance to make it right. We’re on the same team. Ann’s an asset for promoting American values and I challenge anyone to step up to the plate and take the beatings like she has.

  • DeadMessenger

    Soop is right. Ann has lots of great talking points already about immigration. Why attack Nicki Haley at this point?

  • Chish

    Don’t worry, Hannity will have her on so she can walk it back, claim she was taken out of context or blame
    faulty research. Happens everyday in our 24/7 news media and we swallow it like it was candy.

  • sweetforme

    Apologies, because you sound completely reasonable and articulate, but I am with Soop on this one. I used to listen to Ann. I can no longer, sadly. She defended CCC (a supremacist group) in writing, and has never walked back on that. I cannot stand the witchburners, but her shock-jock approach or whatever she is doing is blatant and awful and she really deserves less press not more

  • formwiz

    Coulter hasn’t been the same since her father died.

    Remember, she’s the one who told us what a swell Conservative Christie was and how we had to support McConnell rather than a princpled Conservative (who doesn’t seem quite so Conservative or principled now) because we needed a Republican-controlled Senate.

  • Geo

    Ridiculous statement on her part, yet it’s become something we can expect from Ann lately. Romney, Crisco, McConnell……
    There is plenty to go after Nikki on, her nationally isn’t one of them.

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  • Bradoplata

    Haven’t paid attention to Ann in years.

  • RageHard84

    When’d she defend the CCC?

  • sweetforme

    Pages 24-25 Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America

  • RageHard84

    Oh. I’ve not read that particular book of hers. I do know she’s gotten to the point where people question her conservatism.

  • sweetforme

    apologies. I added a few more lines

  • sweetforme

    oh and Amazon has hundreds of books for .01 (including Ms Coulter’s) if you don’t mind paying a couple of dollars for shipping and waiting a little while. I did just that with a book by Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman and a book by Thomas Sowell.

  • we need more ann coulter’s. she has something more than most republicans; balls.

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