SooperPodcast #154: 12 Years a Slav with Yennifer Heddings and @SaintRPH


We had a weekend recording this week because Matt is going to be arraigned for several unnatural acts committed on livestock, and we wont’ be able to record later in the week. With @SaintRPH, may he beat the rap, and @JessicaHeddings.

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12 Years a Slav

Can I touch you there?

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By the way, the FTR version may contain more explicit language, but the iTunes podcast will be squeaky clean!! Also, the FTR version is limited to 56 minutes but the podcast version will often EXTEND to more insanity! Wow!

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Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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  • BigGator5

    Wait, is this tomorrow’s FTR podcast or are you going to make a new one tomorrow?

  • Apparently Matt is going to be busy so they did this weeks podcast a day early.

  • BigGator5

    Good call then.

  • Some of my ancestors came here with the Conquistadors, who killed and enslaved the native populations everywhere they went. I guess we need to get politically correct and erase all mention and symbols of them from our history. I should be ashamed myself! It’s all my fault!


  • Let’s see if I got this right. Matt is running to Ohio to get out of facing charges for touching various farm animals, Yessica doesn’t like to get touched anywhere but loves donuts and sooper touches anything and everything that comes by, including himself. And, I am one of 5 listeners today. Got it.

    LMOAO…Great show today guys, finding this site was one of my better attempts at being a ‘puter geek! But I’m still not going to do the twattle thing with you, I have no desire to be that geeky.

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  • Jack O’Spades

    FTR has all the Worty dirds, but iTunes has the whole show.
    This would be a more difficult decision if I didn’t fucking HATE iTunes.

  • Hey you can go to podomatic to listen or stitcher too.

  • Jack O’Spades

    Now this is why I am a big Soopermexican fan.
    Besides being smart and funny as hell, you give us many alternatives.