Media Bias


Buzzfeed ‘news’ editor SLAMMED for anti-religious tweet on Lafayette shooting

I’m proud to say that I caught this pretty early on:

Here’s one poignant response:

And others:

Here’s her tweet:

Sounds “objective” to me, right? At least she was stupid enough to be honest – I’d bet most “objective” reporters think the same way but aren’t stupid enough to admit it in public.


  • Buzzfeed isn’t a news organization, it’s a liberal opinion rag, so how can this twit be a news editor? She was right in her last twaddle, even though she is too dumb to know it, all law abiding Americans should have guns because it is in our Constitution.

  • Pat

    Taking away everyone’s ability to defend themselves will make us all safe????? Liberal psychotic thinking!!!

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  • Independent “Terrorist”

    If you want to have your Social Security, you have to turn in your gun, and forfeit your gun rights.