Waitress FIRED For Calling a Black Couple ‘Black Couple’ On Receipt

I guess I should fire myself for that racist headline calling a black couple “black couple.” Dammit I did it again!!

A black couple got so offended at being called a “black couple” on their receipt that they got the waitress fired for it, got free meals forever by the restaurant, and their other employees are getting diversity training. No seriously, this happened in America.


Are we really that sensitive now? Maybe it was an unwise thing to write, but for the girl to lose her job is insane. How much sensitivity training do you need to understand “don’t identify people by race because stupid people will get offended.”

From KTVI:

  A waitress in Maryland Heights, Missouri, is out of a job after she reportedly labeled two of her customers as “black couple” on a restaurant receipt.

According to KTVI, Kimberli Wilson and a companion were at Patrick’s Westport Grill on July 18 when she saw the words at the top of the bill.

“I was frustrated,” Wilson told KTVI. “I was angry. I was thinking, ‘Really? Are we still doing this in 2015?'”

Doing what exactly? Accurately describing someone’s race? Pendeja.

Here’s the apology from the owner:

I understand that he’s scared out of his mind that the black rage mob will attack his restaurant but it’s pretty pathetic that he’d fire the waitress.

Check out this Fox affiliate in St. Louis that doesn’t mention what words offended the black couple (dammit, I’m gonna get fired!) at all in their article:

black couple firing

Welcome to Obamaland.

[h/t Yennifer Heddings from the Sooperpodcast]
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