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The Very First “Cuckservative” Tweets Show Exactly What It’s Really About

I really hate wading into this stupid debate, but what the hell. People are defending using the term “cuckservative” on social media as an epithet against conservatives who aren’t right-wing enough. But others say that it’s a racial term that originated in white supremacist circles:

Now, some are denying the connotation, saying it’s perfect non-racist:

I happen to dislike JEB! intensely as a candidate for 2016, but to insinuate his wife sleeps with other men is just petty and pathetic. And it fits the above definition as pointed out by Ace of Spades’ Gabriel Malor perfectly.

Still, some continue to deny that obvious connotation:

Obviously, I disagree:

UPDATE: I forgot to add these responses to that tweet:

I understand the knee-jerk reaction. Liberals call EVERYTHING racist, so we feel protective. But sorry, folks, some shit is just racist. And this is racist. It’s one thing to deride conservatives who pander by changing conservative polices to leftist policies to try to get minority votes. I get that. I dislike it, and I’m against it. I’ve written against it.

But when using the term “cuckservative” you skyrocket yourself into another level, because that has been used in a different fasion since it was first coined by white supremacists and other racists. Here’s the proof.

This is the first instance it was used:

This guy is actually demanding people credit him for coining it. Turns out – surprise! He’s a liberal:

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And then after that, here are the rest of the instances. This is the third guy to use it:

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Here’s the guy he was tweeting to – they must be good friends:

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This guy tweeted the fourth and fifth instances of it:

Also charming:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.28.01 PM

The sixth instance is this guy:

He actually just seems to mean what Nolte and others say it means:

THEN we really take off… when some guy starts tweeting under the handle @Cuckservative:

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It seems he begins popularizing the term. And he’s a great representative of these folks:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.32.37 PM

This has all snowballed over the last three months until some good decent people are using it and defending it as non-racist. But when you see who popularized it, and what they’re about, I don’t know how it’s defendable.

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  • Chance Boudreaux

    LOL, and it was the cuckservative types of Germany at that time that let them. Keep doing the Left’s job for them fool.

  • 1sb1


  • 1sb1


  • Lockstein13

    Thanks for confirming that you and your ilk are NAZI scum.

  • 1sb1

    There’s plenty of black nations, why not a few white ones??

  • Lockstein13

    So articulate…for an NRXer.

  • Real American

    Who here has advocated totalitarianism? We simply want America to be a homogenous white country like it was meant to be.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Damn, my Filipina wife will be upset she married a Nazi.. meanwhile, you keep your head firmly in the sand and enjoy that sweet, sweet pounding of the liberal agenda while you pray it doesn’t pro-lapse your anus.

  • elfaygo

    Two BIG thumbs up, SooperMex! When people ask me about my political views, I say I make Rush Limbaugh look like a San Francisco liberal. These racist fools are an embarrassment to the human race in general and to conservatives in particular. If they can’t find a rock to crawl under, I’ll buy one for them.

  • UnCL3

    Whatever. You’re wrong.
    In case you haven’t noticed, the pols IN POWER don’t give a sh|t about the Constitution.
    Get it!!??

  • Lockstein13

    So: you use that as an “excuse” to trash it yourself.
    Thanks for clarifying that, NAZI SCUM.

  • UnCL3


  • Rascal

    Show me where I promoted those things lockSTEIN. A Zionist like you has little room to talk about totalitarianism.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    Because Fascism is the bee’s knees, yo. Wanna be hip and rebellious? Communism and antifa shit is soooooo 60s, maaaaaan. The cool kids are totally fash now.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    I forgot to mention another thing you should read. Look up Anonymous Conservative. Read his blog, buy his books. His theories explain fucking everything that is wrong with America. If you take NOTHING else from this conversation, PLEASE read Anonymous Conservative. He likes citing Bill Whittle, so he’s much less harsh than us “WhiteNats”

  • Non sequitur. Loved the all caps, though.

  • Conservatives like me and Andrew Breitbart. Enjoy your racism.

  • You need to get out more.

  • I’ve met hundreds.

  • Obvs. Also, Non sequitur.

  • Real American

    I do. And I can clearly see that faggotry and social conservatism are diametrically opposed.

  • Nice Ekhat

    I think you’re a bit behind the curve here, Sooper. “Cuckservative” was a term floating around in NRx for a long time (though it didn’t have a concrete meaning besides a vague imprecation of being an Establishment sell-out- not a controversial proposition when it comes to Washington Republicans.)

    NRx does contain a racist contingent, but I’m going to have to invoke what I’m calling Razorfist’s Axiom: “There’s no party on Earth that assholes won’t show up to.” As much to the point, if a neo-Nazi says that the sky is blue, grass is green, and water is wet, are those statements racist or false by virtue of who said them? The Washington Republicans make the Keystone Kops look a well-oiled machine, and deriding a hashtag meant to point that out to their supporters on the basis that it’s a mean point, made in a mean way, by mean people, is rather missing the point. Even if all of the above is true, that doesn’t make them wrong.

    That being said, if you want this to go away, stop giving it oxygen. There’s no reason to be feeding this ridiculous infighting.

  • BeevaloBill

    Each and every point you made mis-characterizes my positions.

    As a practice, I do not debate ignorant micro-cephalics and will not engage to satiate your angry impulses. I hope you are getting help for your anger issues.

    Have a nice day.

  • Joel

    Yeah, just as I thought.

  • PT_C

    You answer your own question and then ask it again. Yes, the term is used against whites who supposedly let minorities rape and pillage their community. It is racist.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    At least the left understands no enemies to the left. Keep attacking allies on the right and keep getting what your getting. Frankly I don’t care if stormtards created the phrase, as it describes Jeb! and co. perfectly. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • KoolAid

    “Racism” and “racist” are trotskyite neologisms. Why would a “super conservative” engage in Marxist word play to stifle free speech? Doesn’t sound remotely conservative. let alone “sooper”… lol. Did a white guy once put mayo in your taco Sooper? Is that why you’re so mad? It would make more sense than claiming to be a Mexican conservative who wants to defend freedom by limiting speech.

  • Justin Bailey

    “Didn’t the hateful left attack Andrew for the same reason you attack Breitbart.com now? Some association with a thought criminal?”

    Yep, all disagreement is tantamount to thought policing.

    “Our side” attacks McCain and Bush on illegal immigration (and other issues) all the time.

  • Justin Bailey

    “Keep attacking allies…”

    Whines the guy attacking other right wingers.

  • Justin Bailey

    “I don’t want my children to grow up in a 3rd world hellhole of a country that has been ravaged by minority hordes.”

    America has enjoyed a thirty year decline in violent crime and a rising standard of living. Some third world hellhole.

  • Justin Bailey

    Living in a nation with black and brown people means you want to “lord over them”? Then you white nationalists must want to “lord over and care about” white people.

  • Justin Bailey

    “Every other race gets a lobby and blank check victim card. Every other
    race gets to sit at the identity politics table, why not Whites?”

    Everyone else is doing it, why can’t I?! Go on, argue like child. You’ll have great appeal among the childish.

  • Justin Bailey

    I’m straight, but boy am I tempted to bang another guy just to piss off pansy little bitches like you.

  • Justin Bailey

    If you love whites so much why don’t you move into a trailer park or live among Appalachian hillbillies? The Soviet Union was white as hell. Must’ve been a paradise. I wonder why there weren’t more whites flocking to its shores.

  • Azzmador

    Racist is an anti-White hate slur.

  • Azzmador

    I don’t think there’s a doubt that you are 100% cucked. Now get to prepping that bull, your wife needs servicing.

  • Azzmador

    Bull-prepping intensifies.

  • No need. Whites take care of themselves well enough to not need massive socialist programs. Hence the reason why real Conservatives should want a white country.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    You still fail to explain why. Ad-hominems get you nowhere.

  • Real American

    Well tough policies on crime and a white majority can do alot for a country in that regards. But just wait until whites are in the minority or when the economy collapses.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    I’m not using The Left’s favorite racist red herring however, I’m pointing out Democrat-lite.

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  • CissyScum

    The poorest Appalachian towns have murder rates that are half of the national average. I prefer to live around those racist toothless hicks (aka “The salt of the earth”) than in urban ethnic shitholes.

    Slavs are human but are not white. Nice try, though.

  • Cucksmasher_14

    Yet Soopermexican is somehow magically not racist?

  • PurpleFaithful

    Where are you getting this sooper? Big fan, but cuckold means nothing of the sort. It is a weak man – one who can’t satisfy an unfaithful wife. Doesn’t matter who she is unfaithful with and it has french orgins, not white supremist orgins. A cuckservative would then be a weak conservative. Are you sure those racists are not actually liberals trying to frame things?

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  • Snakes on a Car

    Identity politics are bad for Whites but good for everyone else?

  • ccoffer

    Hilarious how this dickless twerp who has devoted his empty life to campaigning for a communist criminal pretends he’s in a position to say who is and isn’t a so called conservative. What a joke.

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  • R0nin

    If I wasn’t already convinced by the article, reading the defenses of “cuckservative” here would certainly do it.