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Watch Stupid Hippies Do What Stupid Hippies Are Best At: FAIL

I don’t even care to know what the details are about this story. A bunch of stupid hippies did stupid hippy things, utterly failed, and the cops had to put themselves at risk to save these degenerate morons.

Watch below:

Ugh. Don’t these cops have guns??!?!

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  • angusparvo

    They don’t need guns, just some cable cutters.

  • KittenChow

    These Greenpeace activists cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. It is time to may these jackasses reimburse the taxpayers for their idiocy.

  • theGOONIES

    What a waste. All that fuel burned to get all those trucks and equipment there. I’ve got a bike and a knife…….. I’m more eco-minded. And it would have only taken a minute. Sink or swim bi$!hes.

  • GeneralQuarters

    In Kyaks, wait for it, made of plastics and materials oil based.

  • magic1114

    And as they walk away and head for home slapping each other on the back as they go, they get in their (wait for it) GAS GUZZLING CARS and head for home. They should come up with a separate “stupid charge” to throw at these morons…

  • HolgerAwakens

    That only cost the taxpayers of Portland about $300,000.

  • A sharp knife, a rope, who is going to win? If any of these fools had smacked the water from 100 feet or so the rest would have gladly climbed back up to be arrested. Watching someone hit the water at peak velocity isn’t quite as ugly as if they had hit the pavement but it is close.

  • InVinoVeritas

    The responding agencies should sue them for reimbursement. That might inspire them to do less……a lot less…….with a lot less.

  • Jack O’Spades

    Meh. Hit ’em with a few bean bag rounds just to soften them up before cutting their ropes.

  • pathfinder

    Why not just leave them up there? They’ll either fall, or climb up or down — they have buddies there who surely could help them out after all.

  • DES

    Just another example of left wing hypocrisy. Without he crude oil and all its products, they would not be able to do any of this asinine protesting.

  • DES

    Those libs can pay for their own lib idiots this time.

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