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SHOTS FIRED At ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest In Ferguson, Man Shot In The Arm

“Black Lives Matter” protesters are gearing up for the anniversary of their favorite thug, Mike Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, and they’re doing it the only way they know how – by shooting each other!!

God bless you thugs.

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  • PJParks

    Why am I suppose to give a fuck about black lives?

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  • Barbara Ann

    Their lives don’t matter more than mine or my next door neighbors life. Their lives matter just like everyone else s matter

  • Jackie

    Honestly these animals show there genetic deficiency and irrelevence every hour of every day.

  • WHMay

    “Some of the demonstrators carved and ate from the head of a roasted pig,
    which earlier in the day had the name “Darren Wilson” written on the
    side of the animal. The pig’s head was placed on a concrete barrier near
    the sidewalk separating the protesters from the officers.”-AP.

    Aw, they’ve been reading “Lord of the Flies” and Darren Wilson is their Beast.

  • SineWaveII

    …or they don’t matter at all.

  • SineWaveII

    I’m surprised the police even bothered to show up.

  • All these fools are doing is hurting their own cause. People are sick and tired of listening to all their whiny excuses and watching them destroy their own neighborhoods. Instead of paying attention to what people are saying what do they do? Turn even more against them because of their childish ranting and actions.

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  • Allan

    How come if Black Lives Matter so much they keep on killing each other?

  • jrh

    They matter so much they are shooting them selves,and not just in Ferguson,all over the country

  • avotingamerican

    @jrh: Who said they were shooting themselves?

  • avotingamerican

    @Jackie: And you wonder why they hate you?

  • avotingamerican

    @RJParks: You are not being forced to give a hoot about black lives; however, you will answer for your attitude when you meet your (and their) Maker.

  • pathfinder

    Follow the money. Is this really representative of all the blacks in this country, or some paid apparatchiks and their merry gang of useful idiots and camp following of opportunists? And what has the media done to promote them?
    The folks I feel bad for are the ones who have no part in this, yet will get lumped in with them because…black. The ones I feel bad for are the average joe citizens who will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and wind up in the crosshairs of the useful idiots and the camp followers.
    You know, the innocent people who really get hurt by this stuff.

  • The real tragedy is these people are too stupid and self centered to understand that it is their own neighbors they are hurting.