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When Confronted By Trump’s Flip Flops, Ann Coulter Screeches ‘MEXICANS!!!’

There was a pretty good debate on Trump’s conservative bona fides on Hannity last night between cackling pterodactyl skeleton Ann Coulter and Charles C.W. Cooke from National Review. Although Hannity interrupted Cooke to defend the Donald, it’s pretty clear he won against him and Coulter.

Watch below:

Cooke lists the multitude of policies that Donald has flip flopped on, to which Ann Coulter shouts back, “but the Mexicans!” like a comical South Park caricature.

It’s unfortunate that we all likely agree on the problem of illegal immigration, but some of us are willing to be taken in by a charlatan conservative just because he insults people better than the other candidates.

Full disclosure: I am of Mexican descent.

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  • Daniel Borchers

    Coulter envisions Trump as unbeatable. Hence her eagerness to defend his every gaffe. This despite the fact that he is not a conservative.

    See “Coulter’s Latest RINO Would Give Democrats Victory” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-8t.

  • Jose Jimenez Mexican Astronaut

    For the record, I am not of Mexican descent (thank goodness) and yet I disagree with you. Coulter cleaned his clock!

  • Live Free

    The National Review doesn’t like Trump because they can’t control him. I personally don’t like the guy, he is the typical loud New Yorker. But, I will vote for him because he is a business man with the bona fides to lead this country into a much better economic situation. Everyone else is simply a talking head. All of the other candidates are only just now picking up his positions. We need a Monty Python (“and now for something completely different”) and only Trump will give it to us.

  • pschieber

    The country is more important than Trump’s conservative bona fides. He is a true American. None of his children are trust fund babies. They all work and his daughter converted to Judaism so he won’t hate Jews. http://www.jewishamerianpatiots.com

  • Deserttrek

    focusing on trump is dumb .. but not like dems are watching hannity anyways

  • Portnoy

    Ann Coulter, as much as I like her, is pretty much a female Donald Trump. She’s always just looking for the angle to get paid.

  • pathfinder

    Trump doesn’t flip flop; he just says stuff. Anything, no real rhyme or reason other than Trump thinks it might sound good (which means his supporters are backing that guy at the bar, sitting in a corner with a black eye after causing the whole place to get wrecked — kinda sounds like some other politicians doesn’t it?). That’s why people shouldn’t take him seriously. For myself, I kinda prefer to get someone in who at least sometimes thinks before he or she opens up — preferably thinks about serving the country. I may be asking for too much though.
    Ann Coulter…whatever.

  • Pat

    Full disclosure: You are a Mexican racist. Your “Mexican descent” is not a “get out of jail free” card for racism. PS: I love Ann.

  • Tyrconnell

    And none of the others running for the nomination are “true” Americans? What makes someone a “true” American? And why is a candidate’s philosophy not important?

  • Tyrconnell

    You mean Trump’s positions this week don’t you? “Shut down the Government to defund Planned Parenthood” becomes “Fund Planned Parenthood”. Still haven’t heard that he’s changed his position on individual property rights, he was against them, or on the 1st Amendment, seems to be against that as well.

  • pathfinder

    What is it with the hangup on businessmen could lead the country well? First Mitt, now Donald. If that’s the case, get in one of the managers working for them (who have done a good job) or one of their lawyers (who is at least partially ethical, if such can be found)…they’re the ones who have actually done the nuts and bolts of running companies for these two.
    Companies are not the same as governments — or shouldn’t be — and true statesmen have apparently gone extinct.
    Economics is only a small fraction of the running of a country. Important, but not everything.

  • There is a difference between a businessman doing or saying something and someone running for public office. A businessman will take advantage of tax laws, he will take advantage of labor laws, he will do whatever it takes to make money. When a businessman runs for public office he has to flip-flop on a lot of things. No longer is he worried about a company and making money, he has to worry about all of America and its citizens.

    I have hired illegals in the past, or used a sub-contractor who had illegals working for them, and would do so again if I still had a job to run. When the boss has $10 million on the line, hires you to get the job done, you get it done or lose your job. Especially when you live in a border state and may not have a huge labor pool to select from. But, if I ever get so senile that I decide to run for public office I would flip-flop in a heartbeat. Having spent over 45 years in the labor market I have seen first hand the damage illegal immigration has done to the American worker. A heavy equipment operator today makes about the same wages as I was paying an operator 20 years ago. Laborers, carpenters, concrete finishers, landscapers, all the trade industries are the same, wages have stagnated and if you don’t speak Spanish it is hard to communicate with your crew. Legal or not most of the people from south of the border have no interest in assimilating into our culture.

    People need to ease up on the flip-flop issue when any businessman decides to run for public office, different jobs require a different mind set. I don’t know who the Limey is arguing with Hannity and Coulter but he needs to get his nose out of our business. If not for us, the American people, he would be speaking German so he has no right to be criticizing how we do things in our country.

  • MikeyParks

    A true American doesn’t do things that harm this country. The list of true Americans doesn’t include Hillary, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, really any Democrat. Dems will sell the country for votes.

  • MikeyParks

    Because community organizers and lifetime politicians who’ve never done anything but suck the government teat are obviously no good for the country.

  • david7134

    Yes, like Obama, he was very good at lying and sounding presidential.

  • Tyrconnell

    What part of “Nomination” do you not understand child? This thread was from back during the primaries. Have a life, you are out of mine.