‘Black Lives Matter’ Morons Say WHITE PEOPLE Are Burning Stuff Down in Ferguson!

Ferguson is blowing up again tonight, but there’s a curious thing happening – protesters swear that it’s WHITE PEOPLE who are the arsonists!

Wait, wasn’t it the same “Black Lives Matter” thugs who were screaming, “burn this motherfucker down” before? Also aren’t the ones so fond of quoting Martin Luther King Jr. approvingly about riots:

Hey, you invite the degenerates of “anonymous,” then you reap what you sow!! I guess it’s just ok when blacks do it? I’m trynna catch up on these rules.

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  • theGOONIES

    Lol you can’t fix stupid

  • RKae

    Hey, you people have phones that you can tweet on! Do they take pictures too? Ever heard the internet phrase “pix or it didn’t happen”?

    (Oops! I said “You people.”)

  • All of these people claiming whites started the fires and NOT ONE SINGLE video or photo to back them up?


  • Deserttrek

    ni**ers will believe anything … black people know better

  • LMOAO…The only white people I have seen in the videos so far have either been cops or those smart enough to get the hell out of the area. Who do these buffoons think they are kidding?

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  • RageHard84

    I’m not black, so chances are I don’t understand totally where they’re coming from, but I don’t think this type of thing doesn’t help their cause.
    But hey, when Trump supporters call people who disagree with them “Negrophiles” I don’t think that behavior helps their cause either.