Instagram Account Of St. Louis Man Killed By Police Has BEEN SCRUBBED From The Internet

I reported yesterday finding the social media imprint of Mansur Ball-Bey, the 18-year-old who was shot by police in St. Louis during the service of a warrant. Today that entire account has been deleted. It contained a lot of images of Mansur with guns from his rap videos.

Fortunately for you, I screencapped it.

This one is especially interesting because he was linking to his violent rap video, which has also been scrubbed:

Why was this all taken down? Maybe because it doesn’t help with this narrative:

He was a poor young innocent boy, not someone who might pull a gun on a cop, right?

Let me say this – I don’t make any conclusions on his innocence or guilt at all. The investigation needs to continue into his shooting. And he may be completely innocent, and if so, I hope the police officer who killed him gets the appropriate punishment. But there’s a reason all this stuff has been scrubbed from the internet, and that’s exactly why I’m posting it.

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