YUGE Numbers For Trump Among Hispanics in NEW POLL!

The Trumpinator keeps promising that he will, indeed, win over Hispanics, but a new poll says that task might be rather daunting for the populist billionaire. He has YUGE numbers, but only in the negative column.

From Gallup:

U.S. Hispanics are still getting to know most of the Republican contenders for president. At this point in the campaign, less than half have formed an opinion of any Republican candidate except Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. Partly because of this, Hispanics’ views of most GOP candidates range from mildly positive to mildly negative. The sole exception is Trump, whose favorable rating with Hispanics is deeply negative.

hispanics pew favorability of trump

Gallup began tracking the images of all the major announced candidates for president nightly in early July. Since then, 14% of the roughly 650 Hispanics interviewed have said they view Trump favorably, while 65% have viewed him unfavorably, yielding a net favorable score of -51. This separates Trump from the next-most-unpopular Republicans among Hispanics — Rick Perry (-7), Ted Cruz (-7) and Jim Gilmore (-6), who are viewed far less negatively.

Bush presents the greatest contrast to Trump. Bush’s average 34% favorable and 23% unfavorable ratings among Hispanics since July give him a +11 net favorable score — the highest of any GOP candidate. The net favorable scores of Marco Rubio (+5), Carly Fiorina (+3), George Pataki (+3), Scott Walker (+2) and Ben Carson (+2) all tilt slightly positive, although none of these candidates is nearly as well-known among Hispanics as Trump and Bush.

In terms of familiarity, only Trump and Bush are recognized by a majority of Hispanics. Eight in 10 have formed an opinion of Trump and about six in 10 of Bush. Familiarity dwindles to roughly 40% for Rubio and Cruz, both Cuban-Americans, as well as for Perry and Chris Christie, but drops well below that for all the others. (See the full ratings in the tables at the end.)

Well, whatever you might say about the debate over Trump, it’s pretty clear that Hispanics like Jeb! much more than the Toupee. Maybe it’s the hair?

However, as el Right Scoopero pointed out to me, this is a completely random sample of Hispanics. It would have been better to assess how he’s doing among registered voters, or likely voters. And of course, the primary election is still a long ways away, but it looks like Hispanics are saying “SI SE JEBE!!” right now.

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