Conservative Author Brad Thor Issues $100k DEBATE CHALLENGE to The Donald!!

Brad Thor is an outspoken conservative author who has lately criticized Trump for calling himself a conservative despite the many left-wing positions he’s taken in his past. Last night Thor challenged el Trumpo to a debate, and he put his money where his mouth is:

He explained further:

Pretty strong words. Will Trump debate Thor? Somehow I doubt it. He’s having too much fun appearing on every cable news shows he possibly can, and having his campaign speeches carried on every channel. But if it happened, I would definitely pay money to watch it!! And I think Thor would THUMP El Trumpo pretty soundly.

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  • Marla Hughes

    Thor would thump him good.

  • J. Lance Walker

    Then Thor could debate Jeb the chosen one as well…And maybe the head of the RNC as well…

  • It says a lot, because almost a third of the Republican party, especially in New Hampshire(go figure), actually agree with Trump. Does this say something about the Republican party? Maybe.

    I welcome this debate. However, I have to correct Thor. Trump isn’t a lifelong Democrat. He’s just been changing his party back-and-forth with whomever will suit him economically. After all, I recall seeing Trump at the floor of a Repub convention in old footage. Not that I’m making excuses for Donnie.

  • larry

    I guess I done buying Brad Thor’s books.

  • Keebler

    Alright. So who does Brad want elected? Which truly conservative person who loves the constitution and hates big government is running again? So, like most elections, we get to choose the lesser of evils. Right now, I’ll take Trump’s (OBVIOUSLY) successful business mind and hope for the rest. If nothing else, business hates government, so maybe he would reduce it some. As for abortions, I really don’t care anymore. Have one or not. No skin off my back, although it pisses me off having to subsidize it.

  • Kelly Zat

    This kind of internecine warfare is only playing into the hands of the Boehner, McConnell, do nothing and roll over, wing of the party. They love to see conservatives eat each other and others alive. All this bashing by Thor and others is ridiculous.

    Trump raised an important issue, great. I’m glad. We can speak about it now honestly and without PC BS getting in the way. We’re not all going to agree but lets have it out and lets find out where all of the field stands and then lets go after the other side.

    This inside warfare is just so much bullshit that will split the primaries and land us with a brokered result none of us is going to like. So maybe all these smart conservatives should wise up and start to figure out the game, unless of course they’re part of the plan. Do we all really want Jeb or Marco? I sure don’t.

  • Tyrconnell

    Yeah, so smart that he couldn’t see where this country would be if Obama won in 2008 while all us stupid people saw it clearly. Oh, and in answer to your first question, his name is Cruz.

  • Tyrconnell

    Your loss

  • Tyrconnell

    I haven’t seen a lot of conservatives supporting Jeb, calling him the real true conservative in this race, have you?

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  • Keebler

    So, you will be extremely disappointed if (when) Trump announces Cruz for his running mate? And if (when) Cruz accepts? You do know they (Trump and Cruz) have a big ‘to-do’ coming up in a couple of weeks, right? And to expect a big announcement at said ‘to-do’?

  • Tyrconnell

    Well, Cruz would help keep Trump within the Constitution, and yes, it isn’t a big shock to anyone who pays attention that Cruz invited Trump to the Iran Deal Protest.

  • Deserttrek

    never heard of the boy and there is no one definition of a consefvative … much ado about nothing