Univision’s Jorge Ramos Says KATE’S LAW Is UNFAIR to Illegal Aliens!

Jorge Ramos unveiled himself as an illegal alien activist rather than a journalist when he accosted el Trumpo with his tirade instead of asking a question, but he is now so shameless that he thinks it’s unfair for America to hand down a 5-year prison sentence for illegal aliens who have been deported and sneak back in. This is what is also known as Kate’s Law after Kate Steinle, who was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal alien who had been deported SIX times and returned to the United States.

Watch below:

See how that works? It’s unfair to judge all illegal aliens by the actions of one guy who killed an American – that’s how he ignores the scores and scores of crimes that illegal aliens commit in America. AND the essential difference is that Dylann Roof is an American, and we have to deal with whatever crime Americans commit because they’re ours. We DO NOT have to PUT UP WITH crimes by illegal aliens who by definition DO NOT belong here!

So suck on that, Ramos.

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