HORRIFIC: Images of CHILDREN Drowned Trying To Escape Syria Shared On Social Media

This is heartbreakingly sad and evil. Social media is exploding with reaction to pictures reportedly from the Mediterranean of children who have washed up on shore after drowning trying to escape the Syrian civil war.

I have censored the images being shared:


Here’s another set of pictures being shared today (9/2/15):

Some are responding with horror, while others question whether it’s disrespectful of sharing such awful pictures:

Here’s a post on Facebook blaming the US and Britain instead of the Middle East for the atrocity. And a similar tweet demanding the world take notice:

I don’t understand why the entire world is responsible – the Middle East has a GDP of trillions of dollars, with 57 states and many many armies. Why does America and Britain have to save everybody’s bacon all the time? Even still, the tiny souls of these children cry out for some justice.

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