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$15 An Hour Waiters In San Francisco, Meet Your Electronic Replacements!

Nothing makes me happier than to see liberals having to have their own policies shoved back in their soy-eating, clove-smoking, soul-patch-wearing smug faces. And that’s exactly what is happening in liberal San Francisco where a minimum wage hike first closed down a bunch of restaurants, and is now encouraging an innovation in self-automated restaurants!

Watch below:

Yes!! iPads!! I don’t see them out front carrying their “fight for $15” signs! LOL!

More on the Daily Signal:

Want to know what the future of the restaurant industry looks like? It could come in the form of a San Francisco fast food restaurant named Eatsa.

Eatsa is a quinoa (a South American grain dish) eatery that is preparing to automate most of its workforce.

The Ferenstein Wire got a sneak peak at the restaurant, which will be debuting a new healthy fast food prototype in downtown San Francisco. The restaurant promises cheap, healthy food and has customizable menus with an automated experience.

(It’s difficult to describe all the futuristic design elements that go into the delivery process. Eatsa is science fiction in real life.)

Instead of a front counter, customers choose their bowls at a tablet kiosk. Then food pops up in one of a series of translucent cubbyholes a few minutes later.

For now, little of the restaurant is actually automated, but the owners plan to replace a good portion of their cooking and serving workforce with robots in the next year of two.

So Eatsa will function as a test for the feasibility of automated restaurants.

Currently, Eatsa uses a line of chefs working diligently behind the scenes, but their goal is for patrons to be unaware if humans or robots are serving them.

Suck on THAT, minimum wage liberals!! Can’t enjoy the $15 minimum wage when you’re in the unemployment line, right? LOL!!

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  • Red Eye Robot

    The Robot revolution is here! Viva la revolución

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    The zOmbies will be comforted to know that demand for the robots to replace them can raise the price of robots to a point where it might someday make economic sense to hire zOmbies.

  • RageHard84

    Well, the automated future some people were expecting seems to be here.

  • Lockstein13


    1) The more things change, the more they stay the same:
    this is EXACTLY like the AUTOMATS of the 1940s and 1950s!!!

    2) It’s San Francisco, where are the gay robots?

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  • PeterTx52
  • Kelly Zat

    Tools of big business is what they are and they don’t realize it. Easy way to kick out human labor and replace with technology without any backlash. Idiots.

  • jukin

    Funny how nothing the communists promise ever happens. The only thing they deliver on I’d misery. . . . And death lots of death.

  • NRPax

    where are the gay robots

    The rear of the restaurant.

  • NRPax

    Good luck to the people who run Eatsa. I honestly wish them success in this venture.

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