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This is a proud day in commie history, my friends!! Our moron Governor here in New York is calling for the absolute destruction of the economy by saying that we need to implement a $15 an hour minimum wage!! WOW!! I can’t wait!!

HERE COMES THE NEW YORK APOCALYPSE!!! I’m telling you, we’ll be envying North Korea’s economy by the time this is done!!! And I can’t wait to document the end of times and put Cuomo’s big stupid face on everything!

I LOVE IT!!! Think about it this way – why would anyone hire someone with no skills and no job experience at $15 when they could hire someone with a Bachelor’s degree? And that’s exactly what will happen – businesses will close down all over the state, and the few that stay open will fire ALL their low skilled workers and hire college grads. WHY the hell would they keep them, when they’re forced to pay WAY above what their labor is worth?!

More from Joseph Spector:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today said he will seek a $15 an hour minimum wage for all workers in New York next year when the state Legislature resumes its session.

The move came as Cuomo announced that the state Labor Department has approved the recommendations of a wage board to increase the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15 an hour by July 2021.

Cuomo made an impassioned plea for the higher wage for all New York workers, saying that 2.2 million workers would benefit from the pay raise. It would be the highest statewide minimum wage in the nation and would be phased in over a number of years; he wasn’t more specific.

“Let’s show this nation how good we can be and how high we can reach,” Cuomo said at a rally in New York City with Vice President Joe Biden.

The announcement quickly drew opposition from business groups, and Senate Republicans earlier in the day knocked Cuomo’s wage push.

“Today’s announcement of a new push for a statewide minimum wage of $15 is an affront to small employers in every corner of this state,” Mike Durant, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Cuomo just revealed himself to be the angel of economic death for New York, and I am soooo happy about it!!!

  • JasonJones

    So, conservatives prefer taxpayers pick
    up the slack for flush multinational corporations when their low paid employees need housing subsidies, and food stamps to fill in? more than anything else the State of New York needs to seriously regulate the real estate market since that’s what’s driving the high costs associated with business, and why higher wages needed to be mandated by the state. Neoliberal capitalism is a failure on par with
    Soviet style communism.

  • 3

    I’ve no mercy on those that embrace Socialism!
    Till the Tree of Liberty is refreshed this Anti Constitutional Anti American slobs will continue


    College Grads? Try robots…
    Last time I heard this happen…all workers got their Hours Cut (Walmart) to make up for the losses in $$….

    NY East Coast Land of Idiots….

  • Kelly Zat

    I don’t miss NY at all. Here I thought his dad’s Hamlet on the Hudson routine was ridiculous but this guy takes the cake. All those college grads will enjoy the lowering of their starting wage to $15 as well. Suckers.

  • WuDanFu

    As a non union Jouneyman electrician in the state of Florida, with around 40 years experience, $15 an hour is an average wage. We are required to own and provide to ourselves hundreds if not thousands of dollars in tooling, and function independently on a professional level, poor work will result in severe property damage and potential loss of life. Under this proposed wage I would be much better off with an entry level position at McDonalds. Salt, pepper, ketchup? How about a steaming hot cup of fuck off…

  • Fred Chittenden

    The solution isn’t more gruberment rules and regulations — the grubermint is the problem, not solution…

    Uh, Earth to LaLa Jones world : property prices (esp business rental property) are generally driven by property taxes, which are in turn driven by high gruberment costs, which are driven by robust (socialist) welfare bennies plus grubermint public union wages and benefits which are all out of sync with average private sector wages and benefits.

    Mandating $15/hr wages is likely to translate into more jobs going under the table for illegals and the funemployed, plus more folks just moving out of NY to escape the grubermint mess.

  • JasonJones

    I agree that high property taxes in the area(that extends to New Jersey)are a factor in high rental prices, but they are not the driver. Perhaps you have to live in NYC to truly appreciate how overvalued rental properties in NYC are and what’s driving them is greed. We’ve seen areas like Crown Heights and Bushwick have rent increases in just one year from 900/month for a one bedroom to 2300/month. That’s not driven by property taxes and public sector unions, although I’m not surprised neoliberal cheerleaders would try and blame the government for the actions of landlords, and then say, “if only we deregulated them everything would be perfect!” because you know, that worked so well with the financial sector. The economy must be wrestled away from these people in order for the rest of us to survive.

  • Guest

    Whiteys gonna give you $15 an hour to fry chicken at KFC? Good luck trying to start your own business and paying some snot nosed teenager $15 an hour to sweep floors

  • Buffalobob

    NY is running adds here in AZ telling businesses to relocate in NY because of their low tax rate. Now he wants to kill small business. You can’t make this shi& up.