whataburger cop

God Bless Whataburger For FIRING This Anti-Cop Scumbag Employee

whataburger cop

There’s a really weird epidemic across the country of idiots at fast food joints who want to offend police officers when they come in, but one particular moron is enjoying the unemployment line after his lapse in judgement.

More from CBS-DFW:

Two police officers explained that the workers at a North Texas fast food restaurant did not serve them Tuesday night because of the uniforms that they were wearing.

Officer Cameron Beckham and reserve deputy Michael Magovern were set to work overnight traffic security at a construction area along Stemmons Freeway. But prior to the start of their shift, they stopped by a Whataburger location in Lewisville for a bite to eat.

The visit did not turn out so well.

According to the officers, workers at the restaurant denied them service. An employee told the men, “We don’t serve police.”

Beckham is with the Milford Police Department and Magovern is with the Strawn City Marshal’s Office. Magovern spoke with KRLD NewsRadio 1080 on Wednesday. “He said it with a straight face, no smile, and just stared at us,” said Magovern. “Even if he was joking, I’m not going to eat here because I don’t trust that.”

“It was just bold for somebody to say that,” Magovern added. “I’m not going to judge his heart, but it kind of put me off.”

That’s pretty gracious for the cop, as opposed to the scumbag employee. I would think that it would be unhygienic to have someone preparing food with his head so far up his Obama.

Thankfully, it appears that the Whataburger chain respects cops much more than that employee does, as they intimated in their statement about the event:

Good job, guys. I doubt it would have gone well with their mostly Texan customers if they hadn’t done this so quickly.

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  • MrNishida

    The headline should have been ‘Progressive Robot Gets a Taste of Reality’… !
    However, I can guarantee that he is blaming the cops, not his own mouthy, arrogant, stupid self for getting fired.
    The lack of b***s on the part of progressives when it comes to accepting responsibility for their own actions is mind-boggling.
    When caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they point at the dog.
    Ignorant, arrogant, petulant children, all of them.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • @bradoplata

    That’s a big deal, because Whataburger goes to great lengths to keep employees. I go to a ghetto whataburger and talk to the manager sometimes. He said it’s hard to fire people there.

  • MicahStone

    “FIRING This Anti-Cop Scumbag Employee”
    I’m guess this scumbag considers NOT WORKING to be the fulfillment of his ultimate life goal – now he can live off us taxpayers the way he’s always wanted!

  • MissTrixieB

    And who is the first person this scumbag ex-employee is going to call when he’s in trouble? Stoooopid idiot!!!!

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