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Morning Joe’s Steve Rattner Blatantly Lied To Defend Hillary Clinton!

Steve Rattner is the “chart guy” on Morning Joe, but he told an incredibly blatant lie about the transparency of the Hillary Clinton campaign and no one called him on it.

Except me:

What he said is that Hillary had answered all questions about her email scandal in a “no holds barred” interview with Andrea Mitchell. He literally cited her.

But, SHE HERSELF ADMITTED that she DIDN’T ask all the questions she wanted to ask of Hillary because she was afraid that Hillary would walk away from the interview!!!


It’s as if Rattner claimed that Mitchell called the moon a sun, and there’s video of Mitchell saying the opposite. But hey, it doesn’t matter because we’re all Democrats, who needs truth?!

By the way this is the second time I caught Rattner lying. 

And I also caught Andrea Mitchell deceptively editing video in 2012. 

Cuz that’s what I do.

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  • Kelly Zat

    Lying seems to be a job requirement at NBC and it’s networks. Didn’t they doctor the Trayvon Martin tapes to make Zimmerman seem racist? How anyone trusts these guys after Brian Williams and so many other times they’ve been caught fibbing is beyond me. Then again it didn’t hurt KTLA back in the day.

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  • xsnake

    Why not? He’s a devoted Trotskyite.