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Hysterically Stupid Whoopi Goldberg Accidentally ADMITS That Planned Parenthood Is Mostly About ABORTION

There are three things that are certain in life – death, taxes and the most insanely idiotic and stupid crap that a semi-intelligent brain could ever spew forth on God’s green Earth is going to eventually end up on “The View.”

And the latest example is this vapid abortion of thought that Whoopi Goldberg squatted out for the other dim-witted degenerates on the show to applaud and hoot for in irrational approval.

Watch below:

I’m pretty sure that she almost comes close to saying that not even God can judge a woman for killing her unborn child out of convenience.

But seriously, even Whoopi, the black hole of logic and reason, had to actually step back from that utterly blasphemous and fetid line of thinking. Which was probably as close to being right as she’s ever come.

The most important take-away, however, is that she accidentally let the aborted cat out of the bag – she ADMITS that the main mission of Planned Parenthood is to provide abortions. While their defenders cook the books in a disingenuous attempt to pretend that the abortion loving institution is about women’s healthcare, Whoopi LITERALLY says that they’re actually all about abortion.

Even so, she continued her stinking sewer of pro-abortion effluence into the empty minds of her audience and viewers, and they gloried in every diseased drop of refuse.

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  • @bradoplata

    I’m wondering if someone who is pro abortion should get upset if you tell them that you wished they were aborted? If there’s nothing wrong with it, why would they get mad?

    Kind of like how an atheist shouldn’t get mad if you tell them to go to hell.

  • Whoopie also shouted out to PP foes to “Stay out of my vagina.” I have a little message of my own for the Whoopster. In my younger, hard drinking, womanizing days I would diddle an alligator if someone held it’s tail, but I never sank so low as to get into the vagina of someone like Whoopie Goldburg. I may have been a whore-hound, but I still had some pride in myself. And after I settled down, thanks to a good woman, we married and raised our children instead of allowing them to be butchered.

  • @bradoplata

    Meh, I was never to proud.

  • Kelly Zat

    She’s ridiculous. Liberals just resort to the – I don’t want to talk to you – because they don’t want to think and be challenged. They’ll have to change the way they live their lives, which they really don’t want to do.

  • Holy dick Batman! Does that thing still work ok? (snicker)

  • RageHard84

    I find it interesting, she wants PP foes to stay out of her vagina, but she wants to keep PP all up in the taxpayer’s wallet.

  • @bradoplata

    30 year old Whoopi wasn’t so bad. Mediocre looking black chick with big tits. Who hasn’t nailed a bunch of them?

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