Chris Rock Demonstrates How BAD Black Victim Mentality Can Be In Just ONE Really Stupid Tweet

Chris Rock showed some criminally stupid and intellectually fatal victim mentality in this tweet that tried to show just how bad racism is in America.

Wow. How stupid is Chris Rock? Let me count the ways.

Firstly, if you’re gonna compare how bad racism is to an event, you should probably pick one that isn’t as abstract and controversial as the Redskins logo, because only the most extreme liberal leftist actually believes it’s a harrowing example of racism in America. Most people are pretty “meh” about it. Which is why nothing has been done about it.

Secondly, is it racism every time an NFL team believes a black quarterback just isn’t doing well enough and needs to be benched? I mean what’s the thinking here – they put him in the most prominent position for their team, plopped millions upon millions of dollars on his lap, all so that they could screw him over? God please let an NFL team be as racist to me as they are to RG3!!

I mean isn’t it just possibly that they benched him because of his injuries, his poor performance, and his bad attitude? No? It has to be racism. OK.

And of course, this is coming from another very popular and very successful black man who has become a millionaire based on the freedom allowed to him in America. But we can’t focus on that. Gratefulness is the cornerstone of happiness, which explains why harping on racism makes liberals like Chris Rock so damn miserable all the time.

And not to be pusillanimous but damn dude, you’re a millionaire, can’t you run your tweets past an editor or at least hire some guy to read every tweet you send out and let you know when your grammar has failed as badly as RG3 has on the field? It’s “their” dammit!!

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  • …Thirdly, he COPYRIGHTED the Redskins logo?

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  • gastorgrab

    The liberal mindset:

    “WHAT??? We’re out of coffee creamer?

    Is this Nazi Germany???”

  • jnsk

    Hi. Chris doesn’t know the difference between THERE and THEIR? That’s hilarious, x2.

    Ask him if I can get one rib. I don’t need a whole order ‘o ribs – just one is fine. Thanks.

  • jnsk

    Hey Sooper, he is upset on his twitter about being corrected on the word, ‘there’; which seems a bit ‘thin-skinned’, doesn’t it?

    It appears Rock isn’t as smart as he likes to think he is. Celebritys admonishing the ‘little people’ while displaying their stupity with arrogance. Funny!

  • Kelly Zat

    Caring about perceived racism in a sports logo is such a first world problem. I can’t believe no one calls him out on the stupidity of that.

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  • Sharknado

    Chris Rock…he was funny 20 years ago…sort of…now he’s just sad and bitter.