‘It’s A Load Of Crap!’ – Ben Carson Shuts Down Brain-Dead Harpies On ‘The View’!!

The brilliant retired neurosurgeon visited the brain-dead harpies at “The View” and it was like Mike Tyson beating up a dim-witted handicapped child, but with HIS BRAIN.

Here’s the entire interview. In the first segment they talk evolution, the second is about abortion and Planned Parenthood:


Probably my favorite moment of this cringe-fest was when mentally deficient Joy Behar actually offered to take Carson to the Museum of Natural History to teach him about evolution. Just incredible. It can’t be that he actually has a tenable reasonable position and he knows all the facts about evolution, it HAS to be that he’s just ignorant, right Joy? What a smug arrogant piece of crap.

I was able to squeeze two vines out of that idiocy:

Hapax Legomenon from our podcast noticed that the ever idiotic Joy Behar made the claim that Planned Parenthood provided mammograms to women while her moronic audience clapped like seals. In fact, they do not provide ANY mammogram services at all.

And they actually made the usually saintly Carson yell!!

They are such ignorant harridans, I’m surprised he wasn’t yelling at them the entire time. Like this:

ben carson the view 02

I woulda looked like that the whole time. You can tell they get exasperated towards the end because loudmouth dunce Joy says, “are we done?!”

God bless him for having to put up with the stupidity from these grade A idiots. I couldn’t do it.

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