‘Government Isn’t A Conspiracy To OPPRESS You, It’s US!’ – Obama Desperately Defends His One True Love

In  a statement that channelled Christine O’Donnell and her “I’m not a witch” commercial, Obama desperately tried to persuade the American people to love big government as much as he does.

Watch below:

How is government NOT a conspiracy? Politicians literally go out of their way to HIDE from us what they’re doing and who they’re doing it for!!! There are a group of people in this country that number in the hundreds, but control FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS of budget!!! And for more than two hundred years it’s been increasing its power and encroaching on every American’s freedom and privacy!! It’s amazing that Obama has only one view of government and cannot possibly fathom why the rest of us see it a hostile behemoth.

Government’s not a witch, government’s YOU!!

No thanks, dog-muncher.

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