‘GoFundMe’ For Student Arrested In Classroom Raises $42,000 With Ridiculous Description

Now that the South Carolina school cop has been fired for his actions in dealing with a student who would not leave a classroom after disrupting it, there’s a “Go Fund Me” site raising money for her legal defense and medical costs.

And morons have contributed $42,000 to it in just 2 days.


But really the best part is the ridiculous description the lawyer puts on the post:

We are the Rutherford Law Firm, LLC located in Columbia, SC. We currently represent the Spring Valley High School Victim who was assaulted by former Deputy, Ben Fields.

Jane Doe was the victim of police brutality. While seated in her desk, doing her math work, former Deputy Ben Fields forcibly removed her from the desk by choking her, flipping the desk over while she was still seated, and slinging her six feet across the classroom by her clothes. As a result, she suffers injuries to her ribs, back, neck, shoulder; a broken arm, and abrasions to her face. The funds raised will be put towards medical costs, educational expenses, and any other expenses she has to endure.

Did you catch that? She was just innocently doing her math when a big ol’ mean racist cop bashed her head in and threw her across the room. Of course!! They do that all the time, for no reason! LOL!!

He doesn’t mention how many of the students in that school protested his firing, saying that he was justified in his actions.

Further, if you’ll remember, “GoFundMe” denied a Christian couple their donation page and the reason they gave was that they had a policy of not allowing funds to go to someone because of crime accusations. But that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Weird isn’t it?

Feel free to tweet them this story and ask what the hell is up and why they’re so hypocritical:

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