UH OH!! Race Huckster Shaun King Being CALLED OUT By Supporters With #ShaunKingLetMeDown Hashtag!!

Self-promoting race huckster of devious racial composition Shaun King is being called out for shutting down an organizing plan he put together called “Justice Together” but failed to fulfill.

The hashtag began with one woman who told her tale of disappointment:

Hey at least you didn’t get the poison Kook-Aid treatment that usually follows the end of charismatic campaign…

Time… and money….

Geez he sounds like Obama.

And then others chimed in….


And then….. BOOOM!!! Now they’re organizing against him….

The hashtag has blown up will tons of people talking about how Shaun King isn’t what he says he is. So a few hours later, he wrote a long Facebook post that blamed a lot of the people who were disappointed him.

I need to address something. Heading out to be with my family in a few minutes, but want to put this out there.On this…

Posted by Shaun King on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Now, I would recommend if you’re interested, to go check out the hashtag. If you see anyone else tell a compelling story, let me know…

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