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Watch Marco Rubio’s Magnificent Slap Down Of This Ridiculous Question From A Pro-Abort

One of the stupider “gotcha questions” that the left things they can trip up a prolifer on is whether a fertilized egg is a person and whether they have rights that the state is bound to protect.

Well Marco Rubio ain’t havin’ none of that nonsense.

Watch him slap down the question magnificently when what’s likely a pro abortion guy hits him with it:

WOW. What an impressive pivot to nail Hillary on her extremism instead of allowing the flawed premisses of the question to persist. That’s how you handle a question designed to stump you, and that’s why so many find Marco Rubio to be such a formidable candidate.

[h/t Estefen Del Crowder]

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  • RufusChoate

    Essentially he said yes and the science and ethics support him on viability which is a function of technology not fixed points of reference.

    Currently the fertilized egg does survive outside of the womb and can be implanted in an responsive uterine wall to develop into a human being years after being harvested and frozen. Consider that the creation of an artificial womb for the fetus to develop in from the moment of conception until birth would confirm Rubio’s understand but not alter the Pro-Abortion questioner’s opinion in the least.

    The Pro-Abortion argument is simply primitive law of the jungle selfish interest that seeks to destroy the weak for the benefit of the strong no matter what the justification.

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