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Obama Statement On #Paris Terror: ‘I DON’T WANT TO SPECULATE ON WHO DID THIS’

Obama of course, came out and said that he can’t speculate on who attacked Paris tonight, because it could be Global Warming, or the Amish, after all.

Watch below:

Thanks, moron.

It’s been reported that the killers yelled “Allah Akbar” during one of the attacks, so I’m thinking… the Amish, definitely the Amish.

We have tons of updates on the attack here.

Trump Says Putin Was Just ‘Doing What He Had To Do’ When He SHOT DOWN CIVILIAN Airliner!

  • Johnny Drew

    Just like the good little racists, bigoted black-hating a-holes you are.

    Right. Because this is the Presidents fault. You forget to take your meds again? .. I remember when Ghadaffi bombed the night club.. Reagan bombed his tent and killed his kid.. and sent his air force to Davey Jones locker… Ghadaffi’s reaction? Crickets

    He is right to postpone for facts. Has he done that with some of the issues in the past (Fergusson, trayvon, etc.)? No but he should have then and he should now. Not a fan of him overall but even a broken clock is right twice a day. It is the wise move to wait for further information before getting anyone pissed off at the wrong people.

    People here complain that he hasn’t denounced Islamists yet. During Benghazi, Susan rice gave preliminary information that turned out to be inaccurate as more info became available, and the right ripped her apart. So speaking before all details are available is bad, and Obama holding his tongue so a s not to speak without full and accurate info is available is bad too? Make up your minds.

    This is UTTERLY disgusting and nothing short of politicizing one of the biggest tragedies to happen in sometime. I can’t even fathom this. But I will try do explain anyway. You people realize that the president is a spokesperson for an entire country right? No president in this scenario would ever speculate until they know for sure. No president is gonna say, “well it’s probably ISIS.” It’s just not professional to do that. And speculating does no good because when you’re in the highest office, you only deal in facts.

    Is it probably ISIS. Yeah. It probably is. But if you people actually think Obama is protecting these sick, utterly vile of “humans,” you’re just sick.

    Over 150 people are dead. Let’s show some respect and decency.

  • @bradoplata

    What do you mean “you people”? This isn’t even a mizzou thread.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Chicken Shit moooslem!

  • The Serf

    You are right:

    Obama was wrong about Libya, Syria and Egypt.

    Obama was wrong when he blamed a YouTube video for Benghazi when it was Al Qaeda all along.

    Obama was wrong when he sent James Taylor and John Kerry to sing “You’ve Got a Friend” after Charlie Hedbo as a means of putting the Muslim trrrorists in their place because they certainly fear us now, don’t they?

    So perhaps we should reserve judgement about Obama considering he is wrong most of the times and proves he is a moron when he does choose sides, such as with the #BLM and other blacks complaining about non-existence racism and discrimination.

    Obama is wrong when a broken clock is at least right twice a day.

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