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PATHETIC: Chuck Todd Deceptively EDITS Ben Carson To Mispresent His Comments As ‘Islamophobic’

In this video introduction to some Muslim woman whining about “Islamophobia,” they deceptively edit Ben Carson’s comments about Syrian refugees to make it sound like he’s calling all Muslims “rabid dogs.”

It’s at the very beginning of this video at about the 18 second mark:

They cut out the entire context of what he said. He was making an analogy to having your kids running around, and letting rabid dogs around them – he was comparing the ISIS TERRORISTS to mad dogs.

You can see the entire context here with the whole video:

He is specifically talking about screening for terrorists in his analogy to rabid dogs, not all Muslims.

But hey what do you expect from F. Chuck Todd.

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  • les des

    I’m thinking of the Wizard of Oz when I look at that woman….

  • Pat

    This is how demoncrats win elections. They attack any Republican that has a snowballs chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination. They attack daily and relentlessly up to the election. Their attacks include lies, distortions, smears, fabricated scandals, and fake polls. Clueless voters remember the lies and vote demoncrat. The mistake the Republicans always make is they don’t attack the demoncrat candidates until it’s too late. Every demoncrat candidate should be getting hammered every day by the Republicans but it isn’t happening. Nice guys finish last!!!

  • bob e

    chuck todd .. our man in the news.. doing your hack job, over & over.. eh chuck ??
    what is the history on this muslima ?? phony people….

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