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Hillary Lies About College President’s Comments On Muslims To Accuse Him OF TREASON!

This was a really weird moment yesterday, and I’m surprised that very few people are reporting it.

On “This Morning” with George StephanupinhillarysPocketopoulos, Hillary Clinton actually used the phrase “providing aid and comfort to ISIS” in describing Jerry Falwell’s comments against Muslims, which is an accusation of treason.

Watch below:

She’s kinda saying the First Amendment freedom of speech doesn’t apply if you’re talking about Muslims badly. In a sane America, this would be absolutely disqualifying for the presidency. But we live in Obama’s America.

The further problem with her statement is that she’s blatantly lying about what he said. El Scoopo found this video of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s comments, and it’s clear that he’s talking about “those Muslims” that murdered 14 in San Bernardino, though the crowd applause interrupts him a little.

But I guess it’s not a big deal for Democrats when their Presidential FRONTRUNNER LIES about what someone said in order to falsely accuse them of TREASON because she thinks he said something bad about Muslims.

Is there a stealth creeping campaign by Democrats to delegitimize speech against Muslims for the aim of criminalizing it like the Canuckistanians ? I say this because clearly Obama is against it, and his Attorney General said it would be prosecuted this week, and now Hillary…

Why Won’t Obama RELEASE This Information About The San Bernardino ISIS Terrorists?


  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Not just against Muslims, and not very stealthy. They have been trying to equate speech someone finds offensive with violence for years, though it’s been ramping up lately. Just like the NRA are terrorists because they advocate for a political position the left don’t like (global warming “deniers” are criminals, too). It’s how they plan to justify using force of law to silence political opposition. Never mind that pesky 1st amendment, this is a matter of national security, damnit! For now, they’ll release the PC twitter hounds on you to threaten your livelyhood if you say something they don’t like. Next, it will be criminal prosecution. Eventually, when they gain full control, a bullet in the back of the head. Leftists. It’s how they’ve rolled for more than a century.

  • Pat

    Huge miscalculation on liberals part. One thing about democrat voters is that they “WILL” vote Republican if they think it is in their own personal best interest. When I was living in the People’s Republic of California for 25 years I witnessed droves of democrat voters voting for Bush 43 when he ran on Tax Cuts. Democrats/liberals wanted to keep more of their OWN money. After 9/11, when Bush 43 attacked Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, those same California liberal democrat voters were saying “THANK GOD FOR GEORGE BUSH!!!”. Democrat candidates don’t realize how vulnerable they are.