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Ralph Peters Just Called Obama A ‘Total P***y’ On Live TV…

Ralph Peters is really one of the more eloquent and thoughtful military experts that Fox News has in their quiver, but he just kinda blurt out what he really thought of Obama when he was asked to describe what he felt when he saw Obama’s press conference on ISIS last night.


Dannnnnnggg… Well most of us are thinking it, but Peters actually said it. If you want to see the entire context of the comments, el Scoopo has a larger clip here.

The Fox host Stuart Varney told him not to use such language at the end of the segment, and Peters apologized…

ralph peters 01

Yeah he looks apologetic.

UPDATE: ABC News Screwed UP – San Bernardino Terror Bride Did NOT USE FAKE Address On VISA Application
  • I saw it live. I think Ralph Peters was being far too kind!

  • aliswell

    Any day a word of truth is uttered in the mainstream media is a good day.

  • JamesMoore

    Donald Trump, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, Stacy Dash, the Egyptian Ahmed Moussa

    From racist tirades, inappropriate Language, to advocating killing the President.

    Not surprised that he only ones loving this are the racists and bigots in America that hate the black man in the White House, no wonder the hateful, pathetic, sick POS loves calling this “the truth”

    So the lady whose entire career can be summed up by her movie “clueless” thinks that Obama doesn’t give a #$%$ right after he asked Americans to not blame all Muslims for the actions of two. So the lady that is paid to be the Fox black friend doesn’t think that any American Muslim can be heroes and doesn’t feel any better from Obama’s speech (what a shock). If Obama says more guns, she wouldn’t feel any better, or if he says let’s make some gun laws, she still wouldn’t feel any better – because she’s paid to be the black friend that sympathizes with conservative America.

    As for the former Lt. Colonel that thinks that Obama is a pu*****, perhaps he can discuss that with the 3,000 dead former terrorists that belonged to ISIS and Al Qaeda who last heard a drone and then that was it for them on Planet Earth. Mr. Peters insists he isn’t afraid, he’s angry, #$%$ off and furious and wants Obama to do something. Yet when Obama says less guns, Peters flips out and has to go write another kid’s book. Seems their moto and business model is to think of a new way to call Obama the n-word everyday. Since when is sending other people kids to war make you tough? This lil’ cartoon army character wants action, but action without thought is what created this situation in the first place. It was easy to destroy Iraq and Libya and to create the chaos in which terrorists could (and did) thrive —a small child can do that as easily as making playground taunts.

    Anything Obama does is considered divisive by you traitorous trailer trash. It takes real crimes to impeach a President, not just because you don’t like what he did.

    If he wanted to destroy America he’s taking his time and doing a lousy job of that too. All leading economic indicators are positive. The only perspective in which he’s doing a bad job is through the crap colored glasses of Fox news.

    Obama is NOT a Muslim and even if he was, doesn’t matter.

    Obama is NOT Anti – American.

    Obama is NOT a Marxist. in fact, one should understand the concept of Marxism before posing such a question.

    Obama is NOT a homosexual. Those making such claims are now grasping at straws.

    Obama is NOT a traitor, though those that continually denigrate and defame the Standing President of The United States have a touch of treason in them.

    Obama is NOT a communist. Again, one must understand the concept before posing such a question.

    Obama does NOT hate America. He IS the duly elected President.

    Seriously, Stop blaming the Black Man in office for EVERYTHING wrong and grow a brain, but that will be too much for you racists!

  • Sharps Rifle

    Blow me, schmuck. Your sole argument to defend O’nutsack is that he’s black. If he IS a muslime, then he’s the enemy. He adheres to the enemy and provides them aid and comfort, that IS treason. His economic policies are straight out of Marx, his guardians and mentor when he was a child were Marxists and “spread the wealth around” IS Marxism…and YOU KNOW IT. If he isn’t anti-American, why does he badmouth the US every chance he gets…especially when overseas? And if he doesn’t hate America, why is he doing all he can to violate the Constitution, strip us of our liberties, and make an existential enemy (islime) try to seem like all it is is misunderstood?

    He HAS committed real crimes…Benghazi, Fast and Furious, funneling money to ISIS (Benghazi…AGAIN), among many, MANY others. Failure to secure the border…importation of the enemy (oh, wait, “refugees”…about seventy percent of whom are young men of military age, and most of whom ARE Syrian military or ISIS members. These aren’t “three year-old orphans”…and how in the hell does a three year old walk to Germany, or cross the ocean to the United States, you dolt? We aren’t as stupid or brainwashed as you are!)…for this whole misbegotten junta, Obama AT BARE MINIMUM deserves impeachment, conviction and REMOVAL, followed by trial for charges of election fraud, citizenship fraud, murder, accessory to murder and TREASON! Again, these are the BARE MINIMUM!

    All you can do is claim that opposition to O’vomit is “racism”…well, I have news for you: We don’t hate him because he’s black…we hate him because HE’S RED!!! As is his whole filthy party! You’ll never see the facts because you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and your own blind racism won’t allow it.

    I’ve wasted enough time on you…I deal with morons for nine hours a day and you’re just one more bottom-feeding leftist moron to have to contend with. Just ooze your way back to HuffPoo and Salon and blither to your fellow Marxists and imbeciles (as if there’s a difference) and spare REAL Americans your bile.

  • Pat

    Liberals can make a movie about assassinating Bush, but you get upset at someone calling Obama female genitalia??? You’re pegging the HYPOCRITE meter!!!

  • Pat

    Now you know what EVERYONE in the military thinks of the gutless scumbag in the White House!!!

  • coldjoint

    Peters should say more, more often.But as I am sure Peters knows Obama was Muslim until age 7. He went to an Islamic school. They teach the Koran there. There is a good chance he had memorized much of the Koran by that age.
    You can’t tell me that Obama learned any different interpretation. And as anyone can see when reading the Koran, and understanding abrogation what is left. What is left is a call for world domination anyway possible. Again Obama makes them stronger everyday. And he does this through deception. I wonder where he learned that trick?

  • Because he’s black has nothing to do with it. The fact that he’s incompetent and a racist who hates America has everything to do with it.

  • Rob

    Another Collectivist Dog pukes BS.
    A new dawn for the Republic is coming.

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